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Christian, Blind photographer, husband, plays guitar and drums. Loves researching accessible apps and technology.

5 Responses to “Sin”

  1. The more the Holy Spirit dwells in you, the more you become aware of your sins God wants to work to eradicate. . when I was a teen, I’d read the 10 Commandments and shrug- none of these apply to me. The older I get, I see it is hard to get past stumbling over the first- Thou shalt not have any other gods… money, security, acceptance from others, leisure time, food….what separates me from my Lord? Let me count the ways!

    • Amen Julie! It’s so easy to pile our idols onto His throne. What a Loving, Patient and Graceful God we have.

      Great to meet you here again…..Always a pleasure when i read your wisdom filled comments! God bless you Julie.

  2. I agree with Julie above. The more surrendered I am to God the Holy Spirit the more He cleans up my life. Like King David my prayer regularly is that God would create in me a clean pure heart. Only then, I believe our relationship with the Holy can grow and develop. Broken world …..Those who love and believe in Christ…..Love the Lord your God with your whole mind, heart and body’ and your neighbour as yourself’ he said. must ever look for better and higher. That’s why Pentecost was necessary. Presence within is so much more than simply another religion. It fulfills a Divine Plan. Peace! Grace! and . Hope!

    • Faye….Thank you so much for commenting, it’s great to meet with you here!

      Awwww what a humbling comment and a beautiful daily prayer. Thank you so much for posting this encouragement, i love learning from all of you. God bless you Faye.

  3. Thanks Steve, This amazing little quote is from from one of many personal letters Dr. Schaeffer wrote over the years to folks who wrote him with questions of faith.. This one to a lady named Vickie who spoke of her “stubborn doubts about the character of God and the fall.” Dr. Schaeffer asks if this is an intellectual problem or a sin guilt problem before this quote. Knowing the good Doctors propensity for Puritan writings I would have to assume he is making a reference here to that. He goes on to say modern psychology and modern psychological thinking has made the move to remove the need for guilty feelings. A dynamic polar opposite of Puritan teachings.

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