☀️ #11 The Blind Sightseers “Escape The Lockdown” With Distant Memories: “Farewell Firenze!”🇮🇹

Tuscany logo Italy

Up bright and early, packed and ready to go (well we’d like to stay another week) we found the right bus to Pisa (phew) and got our favourite seats right at the front, Yes! 🙂

Bus ride to Pisa

Arriving at Pisa airport, Francesca (our assistance person) was great. She sorted everything out, then kindly took this photo of Sarah & i in front of the plane as we were first on-board again! 🙂

Sarah and i at Pisa airport

The takeoff was stupendous! I love the acceleration, and i was just as excited throughout the whole journey! The Captain said “We are at 28,000ft, doing 480mph and its -52degrees outside” Wow! 😀 

Sun from the airplane

I think God just smiled at me! 🙂

Sarah & i can’t thank you enough for joining us as we travel back through our memories. It’s been fantastic for us as we sit down(with a coffee) and read back through our incredible trips…And to know you are with us(and enjoying) on our journey warms our hearts! 😀

But…This tour of Tuscany was just the beginning!! The fun doesn’t stop here. So grab your coffee(or tea) as the next stop is the Caribbean!! 🌴☀️😎 

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About Steve

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

7 Responses to “☀️ #11 The Blind Sightseers “Escape The Lockdown” With Distant Memories: “Farewell Firenze!”🇮🇹”

  1. Steve, it is fun traveling and enjoying new experiences. It always amazes me that I can board a plane and in a matter of hours be somewhere else! Many years ago, the jets would refuel in Anchorage, Alaska, when going to Asia from Europe. It was just 12 hours to London, Paris, or Rome over the North Pole! Looking forward to the Caribbean!

    • Wow, that plane journey sound amazing, over the north pole as well, wow! 😀

      I’d never left England for the first 39 years until this trip to Italy. Then over the last 5 years since my passport….Well you’ll see where i’ve been in the coming trips, lol! 😀 ☀️

      • Leaving England the first time, took courage.
        Now that you know that adventure awaits, Steve, you delight in your adventures. A valid passport opens up the world! There is no stopping you now! It is never too late to do new things.

        Now the range of jets are greater and so they do not have to refuel in Anchorage. Still a few flights directly to Europe from Alaska, which is appreciated, due to cutting down the flight time. It is amazing to fly over the North Pole. We are interconnected all over the globe! 🙂

        • Hi, yeah the “Blind Sightseers” might be coming to a town near you, lol! 😀 It’s been an amazing 5 years and I’m looking forwards to sharing them with you.

          I’d love to fly over the north pole and soak in the atmosphere around your country, it sounds like a very special place! Not sure how easy it would be for us blindies…But leaving the house is difficult and we’ve’er up for the challenge, lol! 😀

          • Alaska is very special place, with unique beauty, scenic wilderness, majestic mountains, glaciers, wildlife, in the summer the Midnight Sun, in the winter the Northern Lights., etc. i am sure you could take a tour and if you come to Fairbanks, i would give you a personal tour. ✈️😀

            • Wow it sounds amazing! A personal tour..Now that’s an honour and we’d love it! Just have to wait for this lockdown to be over! But not too soon as i have many posts of our tours to post, lol! 😀

              • 😀 lol! It is going to take some time before we get back to normal. Some the cruise companies have canceled all their 2020 tour season in Alaska.

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