☀️ #13 The Blind Sightseers “Escape The Lockdown” With Distant Memories: My 40th Birthday!”🌊

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Happy 40th Birthday!!!

 Waking up to a pile of cards and a present beautifully wrapped from Sarah travelling across the Caribbean sea was a special moment. I couldn’t believe Sarah had packed all of my cards and even a present(which was 3 new shirts). Sarah’s love always fills to overflowing!

Me and my 40th birthday cards sat in the window of the ship

⇧ Me sat with my lovely cards ⇧ 

A close up photo of my 40th birthday cards

⇧ My lovely cards – Thank you everyone! 🙂 ⇧ 

My new shirt and birthday badge…

I quickly put on one of my new shirts(from Sarah), and the birthday badge(from Sara, sister in Christ) and went out on deck to look out over all that amazing sea.

Me Birthday badge looking out over the sea, leaning on the teac bannister

⇧ Me wearing new shirt & birthday badge ⇧  

Then it was back to my fave place “The Coffee Port” for a birthday Cappuccino with a stunning view! 🙂 

A Cappuccino on a window seat looking out over a beautiful blue seaat sea

⇧ My fave seat in the Coffee Port ⇧  

Sarah’s Cornea Problems…

 Just 1 day before our holiday, Sarah & i spent the afternoon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. Over the past couple of months we’ve been to hospital almost weekly, trying to sort out Sarah’s cornea. We’ve now learned that Sarah’s cornea is crumbling and is completely exposed and cannot heal itself, or the ulcer inside.  The doctor needed to close the eye lid so that it’s safe from air contamination etc. He did this by a botox injection just above the eye. He said it would close in about 2 days(my 40th birthday) and will stay shut for around 3 months. 

And during the afternoon, Sarah’s eye closed. We’d hoped that most of the time we would be in bright sunshine so Sarah could cover it by wearing her sunglasses. And for all other times, we’d get creative.

The Captains Gala Reception & Dinner…

Sarah & i had no idea what to expect as this was our 1st cruise, but i’d brought my suit and purple dotted bow tie, and Sarah had brought some lovely dresses, so lets go and try to find the show lounge! 

Sarah had a slight panic when we realised the photographer was taking everyones photo on entrance, but she relaxed a little when he said she was fine to keep her sunglasses on. We ended up with a nice photo to remember my 40th, our 1st Captains Gala and a lovely keep safe shot of us both dressed up! 🙂 

Sarah  i at Captains Gala  1

⇧ Me & my lovely wife! ⇧ 

The captain introduced himself and some of his team, then it was down to Deck 4 for the meal in the Orion restaurant. The food, the waiter service and the whole experience was fantastic. A great 40th birthday! 🙂  

Our route 4 2day…

Today Thomson Dream continues her journey to La Romana. We arrive tomorrow morning having travelled 546 nautical miles at an average speed of 15 knots. 

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About Steve

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

3 Responses to “☀️ #13 The Blind Sightseers “Escape The Lockdown” With Distant Memories: My 40th Birthday!”🌊”

  1. You both look so lovely together in that gorgeous photograph. I’m sorry that Sarah had to be in discomfort because of the problem with her cornea. I hope she still managed to enjoy the cruise. How did you find the crossing? After I sailed from Aberdeen to Shetland to visit my brother where he lived at that time, I swore I would never sail again … 14 hours of feeling sick was too much go through again!

    All those cards! I bet your 40th isn’t that distant. 😀

    • Yay Lesley’s here! 😀 We talk about this cruise all of the time as it was a rollercoaster of a trip! It gets worse and i want to tell you all about it as i’m finding it hard to wait…But i go through it all in the following days!

      Sarah said she wouldn’t do another atlantic crossing again, and we havn’t!

      This birthday was 5 years ago. It was my 45th birthday that we all celebrated just over a week ago! 😀

      Thanks for the lovely comment about our photo! It’s a lovely memory of the day and Sarah looks lovely too! It brought back a lots of great memories this morning as Sarah read it back to me. ♥️

      Your crossing sounds terrible and i hope you didn’t have to do it again?!

      • That’s great, Steve. I’m looking forward to hearing about it. 45 – you’re just a bairn. I have two sons older than you. 😀
        I did the crossing once after that, but from then on I flew from Inverness. You would love that as that area is renowned for strong winds, therefore the little local plane was rocking about in the turbulence! Once, we had to land at Orkney and had to stay there for 2 hours before taking off again for Shetland. Brill!

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