Yay It’s My Birthday! ☕️🍔🎶😀🙌

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 Hi WordPress family! As it’s my birthday today (2nd in lockdown)…I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to raise a coffee and take a little time to thank you for your continued love, encouragement, inspiration and fantastic comments between all of you on this blog. I always talk to Sarah about all of you guys and how amazing it is to have  this blog read and commented on from all around the world. 😲 

After my incredible 1st lockdown birthday last year, i was stunned by how you all commented with your fave coffee and drinks, and where in the world you were from whilst you were happily mingling with other friends here through the comments section. 😀 

So what i’m trying to say is…As my birthday gift could you please comment below with your country and this time…let me know your fave foods etc? I can’t believe that i’m 5 stone (70 pounds) lighter than this time last year, and i’m interested to hear about foods from around the world…I love food, lol! 😋 

It would be a lovely birthday present for me to hear all of your fantastic responses…I’ll make another coffee here in Surrey, England, UK, grab my fave snacks…Propercorn Peanut Butter and Almond Popcorn and a Grenade Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Protein Bar…And look forwards to seeing (and sharing fave foods and stories) with you guys! 😀☕ 

About Steve

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

18 Responses to “Yay It’s My Birthday! ☕️🍔🎶😀🙌”

  1. Wishing you many belated birthday blessings my friend.

  2. Happy Birthday. My favourite treat drink is always hot chocolate.

  3. Happy Birthday Steve. Blessings to you

  4. Happy Birthday, Steve, celebrating your life! You have had a remarkable year, getting healthy, despite the lockdown. My home is the USA, in the State of Alaska, 192 km or 119 miles south of the Arctic Circle. I love to eat and cook healthy, fresh foods, that are tasty. My favorite foods include Alaska wild salmon, locally grown carrots that are incredibly sweet due to the summer’s midnight sun, a variety of salad greens, a wide variety of cooked or fresh vegetables, soups, curries, and Thai food, Japanese food, Korean food, Indian, South American cuisine, and a number of other cultures fused with Alaskan fresh foods. Love to try new foods and invent new recipes. Have a delightful birthday week! Blessings!

    • Hi, thanks so much for this great comment. Yeah it’s been a crazy year for me, and i feel better than i’ve felt in my whole life! 😀

      Wow i love the fact that you like all kinds of foods and love to mix and match too. I like the sound of your local carrots…Reminds me of the fruit in the Caribbean which tastes much fruitier than here! 😀

      Are you staying safe and well over there? 🙏 😀

  5. happy birthday steve,stay blessed

  6. Happy birthday! USA here and my favorite food is my mom’s chocolate pnut butter fudge. It was always so yummy!!! Does that count as food? Breadsticks from Olive Garden with alfredo dipping sauce. Oh yum. As for food food, you know the stuff you eat to get nourishment, I suppose BBQ chicken, brats, or battered cod all are pretty good.

    • Awww thanks so much for your great comment. Mmmmthat all sounds like a lovely and tasty feast, lol! Wow…That chocolate butternut fudge sounds perfect with a nice espresso coffee, i can taste it now, lol! 😀

      Are you staying safe and well over there?

  7. Happy Birthday! I’m in the US (southern California). Right now I’m drinking a delicious vanilla latte I just made and eating a piece of homemade banana bread with chocolate chips. Mmmm. Hope you’re having a great day!

    • Aww thanks so much for your lovely comment. Wow Sarah has also just treated me to some banana bread from a local cafe, as we certainly can’t make it, lol! We love banana bread as it reminds us of being in the Caribbean…And Sarah treated me to a slice as we would be their now instead of here at home for our birthdays! 😀

      Is it nice, sunny and hot over in California? It is pretty cold here so a hot coffee is certainly needed! 😀

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