Photographic Thursday: Danger…This Gallery May Bore You To Death! 😨


Blindman Trail Marathon Training – Week 4 – Day 4 – 6 Miles…

Hi all. After smashing my personal best walk of 16.21 miles yesterday, i went out on a slow (really hard to go slow now) sauntering pace this morning. As i was shuffling round i thought i’d use this time to take lots of photos of the trail. I don’t normally take photos on my walks as i don’t normally have time as i’m concentrating on form, speed and trying my hardest not to get lost. Also my iPhone is 4 and a half years old and i’m trying to conserve as much battery as i can just to time my long walks, and i don’t want to use it for anything else that’ll drain my battery, lol! 🤣

Having said all that…I didn’t want to bore you to death with lots of images of boring trails, lol…

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