Is God’s Love Unconditional?

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cross_nailR.C. Sproul:

It has become fashionable in evangelical circles to speak somewhat glibly of the unconditional love of God. It is certainly a pleasing message for people to hear and conforms to a certain kind of political correctness. In our desire to communicate to people the sweetness of the gospel, the readiness of God to cover our sins with forgiveness, and the incredible depth of His love displayed on the cross, we indulge in a hyperbolic expression of the scope and extent of His love.

Where in Scripture do we find this notion of the unconditional love of God? If God’s love is absolutely unconditional, why do we tell people that they have to repent and have faith in order to be saved? God sets forth clear conditions for a person to be saved. It may be true that in some sense God loves even those who fail to meet…

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4 Responses to “Is God’s Love Unconditional?”

  1. I was considerably blessed (if you got to read my blog) of the message an Episcopalian Bishop brought to the Royal Wedding. He indeed emphasised that Divine Love is sacrificial – personified by death on a cross for mankind. – and also spoke that There is something powerful when that kind of redemptive LOVE is the kind of love shared among others. Forgiveness is an intrinsic part of sacrificial love.

  2. “The effect of the cross was to remove the divine estrangement from us, not our estrangement from Him. If we deny God’s estrangement from us, the cross is reduced to a pathetic and anemic moral influence with no substitutionary satisfaction of God.”

    Hey Steve, two quick comments: If there was any possible way we could earn God’s love, Jesus would not have had to go to the cross. “If there is any other way,” He agonized in Gethsemane… Therefore, if there is no way we can earn God’s love, then it must be unconditional: “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

    Same goes for salvation, we can’t earn it.

    With regard to the comment I quoted above, the defining problem is neither that God is/was estranged from us NOR that we are/were estranged from Him. The problem is that A & E sold our souls to the devil and the price for redeeming them back was the shed blood of a Perfect Sacrifice. God doesn’t hate His creation, He hates the destroyer of our souls. That’s where the estrangement lies.

  3. “Whatever kind of love God has for the impenitent, it does not exclude His just hatred and abhorrence of them, which stands in stark contrast to His redeeming love.”

    Inerrant and infallible?

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