🙏🏻 My Testimony

Me  Sarah playing in Church

 My Testimony

by Steve



Psalm 116:3

The cords of death entangled me, the anguish of the grave came over me; I was overcome by distress and sorrow.

another day, another attempt! ….

Oct – Nov 2000 – Derby, England, UK

I kneel down in the centre of my living room. Tears stain the blade I hold to my chest. “Come on Steve, don’t fail again!  All you need to do is throw yourself forwards and thats it!”

I’d been doing this every morning for the last couple of months and still I waited, willing myself to do it. Then nudge…nudge.. my three month old Boxer dog “Bruce” pushed against my leg with his nose. His whimpering cries pierced my very soul. “He relied on me for everything and I had no idea I would be relying on a furry angel to help me through this dark period in my life.”

After a few months of failed attempts I felt more useless than ever….I realised I  didn’t have the strength to kill myself or the strength to carry on living. I just didn’t know how I could get lower than this!!! –  I’d been registered blind at 25, after loosing my sight quite suddenly. in the same month my mum finally died after a 12 year debilitating and demoralizing struggle with progressive MS. Missing her added misery to my own struggle to come to terms with the isolation and insecurities of managing life with sight loss – I’d lost my job, my custom car, the ability to drive, my girlfriend, nearly all of my so called friends and now i have to struggle with countless problems and frustrations every day! 

My answer…. 

To throw myself into binge drinking, womanising, dark depression, and raw anger. I felt that this was what I had to look forwards to for the rest of my life.

Then I met Sarah…… July 2004 – Birmingham, UK

She wasn’t like the other girls I’d met. Sarah too had suffered sight loss and depression because of her uncontrollable type 1 diabetes but no matter how bad things got for her, she always had comfort in someone called “Jesus”. Oh no I thought not a Christian! She suffered all of my taunts, jibes and nasty comments but worst of all my coldness and my inability to show love. I made it a personal challenge to show her that everyone will let you down and no one can be trusted or faithful! I felt that if I could make her hurt as much as I did then she’d hate this Jesus and know that he wasn’t real!

Then HE came to visit ME….


Psalm 116:4

Then I called on the name of the Lord: “Lord, save me!”

I’d seen a guitarist called Eric Bibb on the music show ‘Later with Jooles Holland’ and called Sarah up to see if she had heard of him too. She hadn’t but as a lovely gift she booked tickets to go and see him in London. I’d only ever been to Metal concerts before so i didn’t know what to expect.

It was Eric Bibb’s “Friends” tour and when Eric started the song “Needed Time” and sang the words:

“I’m down on my bended knees, I’m on my knees, praying want you come back, come back here?

Even if you don’t stay long, oh my Jesus, If you don’t stay long, I’m praying, Come back here.

Singing Right now is the needed time, I know you feel the needed time right now. Bless us!”

This was the moment when I asked Jesus to save me saying “I can’t fight any more. i’ve not got the strength to kill myself, and i havn’t got the strength to live, so please save me!”

From that moment something happened inside me and I felt an outpouring of my entire being.  My heart seemed to momentarily clear itself of all the darkness, hatred and anger that I’d filled it with replacing this with pure love. I couldn’t stop my river of tears for the rest of the show.

February 2013 – Now and into the future – Surrey, UK

Hebrews 9:27

And even as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment. 


My eyes are filling with tears as I write this section. I just can’t believe I’m sat here typing this. If it was up to me than I’d be dead.


I came to realised that going blind wasn’t my biggest problem…Sin was! 


If I had it my way and i did manage to kill myself without Jesus, i’d be spending eternity in Hell for breaking all of God’s laws and being found guilty on judgement day without a Saviour. I’d have missed God’s amazing grace, mercy and living relationship with Jesus.

And Now After 16 years of growing in the knowledge of Him, the one who loved me so much he’d die for me on the cross in my place, so that i can be forgiven for ALL of my sins…Past, Present and future sins. And i’d have everlasting life in the moment I’d repent of all of my shameful sin that nailed him to the cross in the first place, and to put my trust in Him alone for my salvation.

I still fail to express in words how Jesus is constantly changing me day to day now im a new creation, born again into His Kingdom. Ive been given a new heart with new desires. The loneliness that fuelled my dark depression and suicide  attemptshas gone! I can never be alone now i have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, don’t ask me how but i never feel alone at all.


Two Souls Entwine…..


Our most blessed day! A photo of me and Sarah lovingly looking at each other at Bourne Hall.


I‘ve been married to Sarah for 12 years now and I’m really struggling to put how I feel into words! My heart overflows with love for her. She has encouraged, inspired and loves me in spite of all my faults, she is the sunshine that warms me along my journey. I really don’t have the words to fully express how blessed i am to have my best friend as my wife to cherish and share every moment of this amazing life!


Ephesians 5:25-27 The Voice (VOICE)

Husbands, you must love your wives so deeply, purely, and sacrificially that we can understand it only when we compare it to the love the Anointed One has for His bride, the church. We know He gave Himself up completely to make her His own, washing her clean of all her impurity with water and the powerful presence of His word. He has given Himself so that He can present the church as His radiant bride, unstained, unwrinkled, and unblemished—completely free from all impurity—holy and innocent before Him.

Each time our wedding anniversary comes round, i can’t believe how much our marriage has grown more and more fruitful. Our love keeps blossoming through every season and i thank God for Sarah who is not only my best friend, but my amazing wife! 🙂

I thank God for sustaining our marriage in Purity and Truth.

I thank God for not leaving us alone to figure out what to do, but for giving us, teaching, correction, training and a perfect Holy example to follow…to reflect the personal and intimate union between Christ and His Church. The mystery of marriage is its reflection of the oneness of Christ, the Husband, and His Church, the Bride of Christ.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Amplified Bible

Love endures with patience and serenity, love is kind and thoughtful, and is not jealous or envious; love does not brag and is not proud or arrogant. It is not rude; it is not self-seeking, it is not provoked [nor overly sensitive and easily angered]; it does not take into account a wrong endured. It does not rejoice at injustice, but rejoices with the truth [when right and truth prevail]. Love bears all things [regardless of what comes], believes all things [looking for the best in each one], hopes all things [remaining steadfast during difficult times], endures all things [without weakening].

Love never fails…

I thank God everyday for Sarah as i know i don’t deserve her, but God never seems to stop expressing His love! 🙂 

Chords for the Lord….

Click immage to view my songs & poems

Since being registered blind I’ve learned to play the drums and guitar. This is amazing in itself but being able to play alongside Sarah every Sunday to assist myself and others in worship is just mind blowing. I feel so blessed to be able to come before God and thank him with the gifts he’s given me. 

I also enjoy writing/composing on guitar as a way of expressing some of the feelings i’ve experienced and felt through my life. 


Here is a Song/Poem called “Captivity of Negativity” taken from my 🎸Songs/Poems page…


I’d like to start this section with the song i wrote about some of the feelings that held me captive when i lost my sight at 25!


Captivity of Negativity


Is it time to let me out? Because its getting dark in here. Although I shout, no one can hear. I’ve got the time, Yet I stay in here, My outward tear, Shows my inner fear.


My own personal Hell, Trapped inside myself, I aint got no place to hide. Caught in my own spell, With no soul to sell, I feel Ive missed the ride….. Ive missed the ride.


They’ve tried pulling a rake across my brain, but they cant find the brake For this runaway train. You say I must be strong, but I don’t belong, All my pain, Seems to feed the reign.


I used to stand so tall, I thought I’d never fall, I’m trying not to cry, Curled up in a ball Trying to get so small, So I don’t have to live this lie, I want to die.


See more of my 🎸Songs/Poems:

“You don’t need sight to see, you need vision”.

“I strongly believe that Disability doesn’t have to mean inability or lack of creative talent!”

Me taking a photo with Sony

I used to enjoy photography when I was sighted, taking and developing photos in my Dad’s darkroom, When I lost most my sight 17 years ago I thought this would put a stop to my hobby but I have learned that my camera can act as my eyes allowing me to see what my own eyes will not.

I am proud of the fact that I have been able to produce photographs despite my visual impairment– and like to think that although I may have lost my useful sight I have not lost my vision and instinct for a good photograph.

Hope Logo

My Hope…

John 3:16-21d (ESV)

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed. But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God.” 


If there is someone reading this who is overwhelmed by guilt, shame,  loneliness or is experiencing the creeping death called depression, then I’d just like to give them hope. The hope that although you may feel that no one cares, you’re condemned for the life you’ve led and that there’s nothing to live for anymore, there’s no pit too deep that God won’t reach down and lift you out of. Growing up no-one told me about Jesus and the Gospel of Good news, Sarah was the first to explain it to me so i’d love for  this blog to be a lighthouse shining in a the darkness to help guide you to the loving one who saves.

He wants a living relationship with you starting right now!

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or how utterly worthless you feel; He wants to reconcile your broken relationship to him. To take you from death to life, to give you His glorious peace, worth, value and meaning that you’re craving for.


454 Responses to “🙏🏻 My Testimony”

  1. God Bless you sir, your testimony brought tears to my eyes. Jesus is truly amazing. Keep shinning your light for Him.

    • Awww thank you so much for this kind and encouraging comment. It really does overwhelm me when i read how this page touches and blesses others.

      It took a lot for me to write it and i didn’t really want to share it publicly, but everyone has been so loving and even inspired to glorify the one who saves, and i can’t ask for more than that!! I didn’t think that me telling a few things of how Jesus has been working in my life would make that much difference!

      God bless you and thanks for spending time to read my testimony…I know it’s quite long, lol. 😀

  2. Awesome Post. God is truly the God of the impossible. Blessings and peace.

    • Amen, i was certainly impossible and yet his grace is sufficient for someone like me.

      Thanks so much for taking time to read and leave this inspiring comment…God bless you and stay safe and faithful during this challenging time. 🙏🏻

  3. Hi Steve! This a powerful testimony. This shows God is above all of our problems. Regardless to the mistakes we make, his unconditional love for us is what this post more beautiful. God bless you.

    • Hi, thanks so much for reading and sharing this loving comment. Yes i thank God for coming down and saving us while we were yet sinners. I still find it unbelievable that he would save someone like me…How Amazing is His Grace! 😀

      God bless you, and stay safe and faithful during this challenging time. 🙏🏻

  4. Your life and post are truly an inspiration and also a testimony to Jesus and what he can do! I’m so happy for you that you gave your heart, including all the disappointments, to Jesus! May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and your family!

    • Awww Shellie, your words truly humble me, i can go nowhere else but to the one who saves, loves and prepares a place for me.

      To think my story can still inspire people simply blows my mind, as a little blindman in a small room with a computer, yet it can reach around the world…Crazy, lol! 😀

      Thanks so much for taking time to read and also leave a loving and encouraging comment. God bless you.

  5. Loved reading about your story Steve and I am so thankful you saw God reaching out to you to save you. You are inspiring to say the least and God bless you and your precious bride.

    • Wow, thanks Tim! It’s such a blessing that you’ve taken precious time to read how God has started his work, and is continuing to transform me until it’s complete in Glory! 🙂

      It’s great to meet another brother in Christ here too. Thanks for your encouragements. God bless you. 🙂

  6. It was a blessing to read your story. God certainly is no respecter of persons. Your testimony inspired me. Keep going for God my friend.

  7. Hey steve, God bless you. I left a msg for you about possibly doing an article on you for GodReports.com. I don’t know if you saw it. I never got a notification in my blog. Or maybe I missed it. In any case, reach me at theashcraftsgt@yahoo.com to let me know if it’s ok to do the article. God bless!

  8. Dear Steve, I’ve always appreciated you and your blog, but today I took the time to read you testimony. It is powerful. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless your life and ministry. You are an inspiration to me.

  9. Wow! What a story! So glad you found strength, hope and transformation in Christ!

  10. Steve, I love your honest sharing. You and Sarah are an encouragement and blessing to so many. Very glad God brought you through the darkness into His light, so that now can pour into our lives with your amazing gifts. Thanks

  11. I’ve been saved a little over a year now. And I love your testimony, thank you so much for sharing ❤ we all need a reminder every now and again
    of how great our God is.

    • Awwww thank you Jesus for saving such a loving sister! 🙂
      It’s such a blessing to see you here, and thanks for taking time to read a little of how God is working in my life.
      I’m looking forwards to spending some time on your blog too, see you soon! 😀

  12. What a beautiful testimony for Christ!! You are amazing and your heart is beautiful! May the Lord continue to guide you on toward your journey of life! God bless and keep you always! 🙂

    • Awwww thank you so much, it’s always such a blessing to receive such loving encouragement from His church family, and it always touches my heart! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave this lovely comment. God bless you. 🙂

  13. Your story is so moving Steve…

  14. Beautiful and moving Steve.

  15. Your story is so inspiring and amazing! God bless you all of your days! 🙂

    • Awww thank you so much for the visit and for leaving this lovely comment! I’ve been spending a little time on your blog too, and i’m blessed to read just how inspiring you are, and how you reach out to others with your love, encouragements & teaching!
      I’m looking forwards to spending more time there! 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂 This world needs hope, and you can give it to them.

  17. First I saw the photo and it made my eyes and ears smile – flute and classical guitar.
    Then you broke my heart until He came to visit You. Praise Him!
    Bless you, your beautiful wife and your entwined souls. I feel blessed to have found your blog.

    • Awww thank you so much for this amazing loving feedback.It really does bless me when i read how this page touches and blesses others. It took a lot for me to write it and i didn’t really want to share it publicly, but everyone has been so loving and even inspired, and i can’t ask for more than that!! I didn’t think that me telling a few things of how Jesus has been working in my life would make that much difference, but as usual God has blessed me (and hopefully others) beyond what i’d imagined!
      Thanks again for taking precious time to erad and leave this lovely, encouraging comment! God bless you. 🙂

  18. Such an amazing story. God is so good isn’t He?

  19. Sounds like you are based in the UK. Correct? And it also sounds like you are a musician. Also correct? I wonder if it would be possible for your to come to the US for a Blind Cafe. If you have an interest, please reach out to my friend, Rosh, director of the Blind Cafe. http://www.theblindcafe.com/

  20. Oh thanks so much for sharing your testimony Steve. I felt like it resonated with me. You’re such an inspiration. May God continue to use and bless you.

    • Awww thanks Margaret, i’m so blessed to know you were touched as you read a little of how God is working in my life! Thank you so much for taking time to read and leave this encouraging comment. God bless you. 🙂

  21. What a beautiful and heart-stirring testimony! So filled with hope and we both know that Jesus IS hope :). Oh I’m so glad that you dropped by our place on the blog-sphere and liked our About page. This is a testimony to remember and to be shared. Thank you for taking the time. I pray God’s blessings over you and your lovely wife.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus,

  22. Hi! You are such an inspiring blogger that I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. http://maryaperez.com/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  23. Pleasure to meet you Steve ~ my mother was legally blind and she was the most amazing woman I have ever known. There was no stopping her from her goals and accomplishments. Her name was Clara and she raised me on what I have affectionately coined “Clarisms”. One of her favorites was “Can’t never Could”…..the word “can’t” was void of meaning for her. She also had a deep faith and loved the Lord. Anyway, I just thought of her when reading about your own courage and that of your Sarah ~ Sarah is simply precious, by the way. God’s blessing to you both ~ Amen :Y

    • Awww such a lovely comment. Your Mother sounded like an amazing & inspiring woman. I’m also blessed with a precious gift who inspires me everyday with her relentless determination and fighting spirit! 🙂
      Thank you so much for taking time to read and leave this lovely comment, it’s great to see you here! God bless you.

  24. What a blessing to read this, my brother. A real blessing.

  25. I am going to have to read your page about blind photography.,, I’ve worked with blind students — had one that earned PowerPoint… still, I can’t imagine how he’d have used a camera…

  26. Your about page reads….“You don’t need sight to see, you need vision“

    “I strongly believe that Disability doesn’t have to mean inability or lack of creative talent!”

    There are no truer words Steve….I named my blog and Art business “New Visions.” We should seek new visions in every part of our lives and not rely on a basic concept of regular sight. You can do anything you set your mind to. This message is my mission. Love your blog…carry on!

  27. Beautiful story. Your faith moves mountains 🙂

  28. Steve,

    You inspire through the courage, grace and faith with which you live your own story out loud and share your gifts with others. Thank you for following my blog which led me to your own story. Glad to have crossed paths…


    • Sharon, it’s such a blessing to see you here. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, and for spending time to read what God is doing in my life. 🙂

  29. What an amazing story! I was saved by Jesus 4 years ago. I also list vision in my right eye 3 years ago but was healed and have my central vision back. Over the past year I have started have eye issues in my other eye and now the one that was healed is flickering. Blindness is my biggest fear and sometimes I allow panic to set in but somehow he always brings me back. Today I woke in a panic and was feeling a bit overwhelmed again but Hithen saw I had a like on my blog, I followed the like and it led me here. Not a coincidence I know. Blind photography?! Wow! Your story inspires me and thank you for sharing it. I am looking forward to exploring more of your blog.

    • Awwww thanks so much for taking time to read what Jesus is doing in my life. Your blog is amazing and you’re such a loving, compassionate & faithful witness. Thanks for sharing your amazing healing with me, and i’m sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with your eyes. I understand completely how you fear sight loss, i know without Jesus i wouldn’t have made it! But i thank Him now for you and i’m blessed to meet another loving sister on here!
      God bless you. 🙂

  30. I came back to reread your about and sat here crying (again) and wanted you to know what an inspiration you are. I hope you guys had an amazing Valentine’s Day! God bless you!

  31. Thank you for “Liking” the post “Sign Seekers”. I did enjoyed reading your testimony. Keep your light shining for the LORD in our darken world. Blessings to you and family … Mikey

  32. Such a powerful inspiring testimony! Shine on for our Savior!! Continue to be His Light Steve!!

  33. Hi Steve! I have nominated you for the Shauny Blogging Award. I hope you will accept it, and pass it along to other deserving blogs. Please visit the page below to read the details. Keep up the great work!


  34. I’m glad I folloed one of your “likes” on my blog back to your site. I too found Jesus over 40 years ago after a horrible period of alcoholism, depression and suicidal attempts. They were serious tries but God had other plans so even though I shouldn’t be here I survided 4 attempts. My Cristian walk had allowed me to survive 3 failed marriages and exit stronger after each failure. I’ve learned there is a huge difference between being lonely and being alone.

    Now, after 3 years of retirement and being single I’m thoroughly happy and content. My 42 year passion for photography has filled my life with happiness and joy. I see the world with the eyes of someone who is grateful for each and every day. Thank you for posting and for your blog. – Bob

    • Wow, thanks for sharing how God has worked and is still working in your life! So pleased that photography brings you so much joy too. I really enjoy taking photos.
      So blessed to see you here and thanks again for leaving this inspiring comment! God bless. 🙂

  35. Very beautiful Place you have here Steve

  36. Steve,
    Thank you for “Liking” the post “Where Spirits Flow”. Musicians Of Our World. on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com.

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

  37. This is so beautiful I just have to read it again. This will be my third time to read your story of inspiration, love and religion since I discovered your blog.

    Also, thank you for “Liking” the post “Where Spirits Flow”. Musicians Of Our World. on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com.

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

  38. Thank you for having the courage to share your journey. God is so good! Praise Him for life, love, growth, change, laughter and sight!!
    May our wonderful God continue to bless you abundantly. 😀

    • Amen! Thanks so much Natalie for taking the time to read how God is working in my life. I’m blown away each day with how he blesses and sustains me as i seek a closer relationship with Jesus to become a faithful and more fruitful steward with all he’s given me.
      So blessed to have another loving sister to share this journey! 🙂

  39. Praise God for Bruce. Definitely one very furry angel. : )

  40. Hello,

    Dropping by to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the “Dragon’s Loyalty” and “Blogger of the Year” awards.


    Cheers xx

  41. Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for The Blog of the Year Award 2013. Many congratulations, you richly deserve it my dear brother and friend. Here is the link: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2013/12/10/going-out-in-style-blog-of-the-year-award-2013/ God bless you 🙂

    • Sherri, this is too much!!!
      I simply couldn’t believe i’d meet and join in fellowship with such loving people as yourself when God put an impression on my heart to create iChristian. It blows me away to think of this award! Thank you so much, i’ll post it soon! God bless you! 🙂

      • You are so very welcome Steve, and so deserving. I felt the same way when I was given this fantastic award, I too never expected in a million years to find such loving and wonderful community here. How could I not give you this award, my dear friend and brother?

        God bless you and have a wonderful day and weekend, and I look forward to your post 🙂

  42. Hey, Steve. Not sure if you got my message from the Contact form. I wrote you because I’d like you to be a guest writer for me. If you’re willing, please use the Contact form on my page and I’ll write you back with details. Cheers!

  43. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award! If you choose to participate, you can see the post here:
    I truly enjoy your blog, or I wouldn’t have nominated you! Thanks for bringing sunshine into my day!

  44. Hi Steve! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award because I think you and your blog are awesome and I’m so glad to have you in my WordPress family, dear brother! The link is: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2013/11/13/first-frost-melts-in-the-heat-of-dragons-loyalty-award/
    Congratulations 🙂

    • Wow, loving sister Sherri this is humbling to say the least. Thanks so much for thinking of me and iChristian for this blessed award. I’ll check it out!
      With Sarah’s operation tomorrow i’ll not have the usual time on here as i’ll be trying to keep her still for 2 weeks (i’ll be amazed if i manage 2 hours! lol), but will try and get it posted soon.
      Thanks once again, i’m so blessed to have such a loving sister! 🙂

      • You are so welcome Steve, and please don’t worry about the award, you have more important things to take care of first! I am praying for Sarah’s operation tomorrow and you too dear brother! God bless you both and keep you in His loving care… 🙂

        • Awwww thanks so much Sherri! I’ll post an update as soon as possible. I’ve been completely blown away with the extravagant love God has shown through the loving sisters and brothers on here, and there has been too many comments for me to reply individually! 🙂
          I’m so blessed to be apart of his bod/spirit family! Deeply touched.
          God bless you loving sister! 🙂

  45. What a nice blog you have and such a great testimony. Thanks for likening my devotionals on “Are You Growing Weary”, “Esther a Courageous woman”, “living for Jesus a Life that is True”, and, “A Gift of Grace”. Blessing in the name of the Lord Jesus.

  46. Hi Steve, what a great testimony! I also love your tag: Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind – Romans 12:2 . . . . Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow. I hope it will be an encouragement . . . . I will follow you back! May I share your testimony on my blog sometime?
    God Bless,

    • Hi K.D! Thanks so much for stopping by and spending time on iChristian. So pleased you enjoyed my testimony of how God is transforming my life. I would be honoured if you would share my testimony on your blog!
      I feel so blessed to have met another loving sister, God bless. 🙂

      • Thanks, Steve! And I am praying for your wife’s upcoming eye surgery. My eyesight isn’t the greatest either. I’m scheduled to have cataract surgery in January . . . . I feel her uneasiness, but am thankful God knows our situations and won’t give us more than we can handle with his help.
        Blessings to you both! 🙂

  47. This is incredible Steve. Congratulations for turning your life around. Your journey and courage is amazing. I have shared this on my http://www.facebook.com/beatredundancyblues page

  48. Hi Steve, thanks for the like. Glad of your visit. Are you in the UK then?

  49. thanks for the visit. nice blog you have here.

  50. Such a beautiful testimony of His patience, love and power! Glory to God!! God bless you and yours brother, in Christ Jesus our Lord, AMEN!

  51. Hi, Steve! This might be a bit late but thanks a lot for taking the time browse through my blog and the follow. Your blog is so inspiring and the photos are just wonderful. Keep the music playing and the posts coming. I’ll be looking forward to them! 🙂

  52. wow, very cool testimony! thanks so much for sharing with the world! rock on, my brutha! btw, i’m a drummer, too! 😀

    • Fantastic!! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out iChristian. So blessed to see you here! I’ll look forwards to spending more time on your blog. God bless 🙂

  53. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to your inspirational works, So many great posts here!

    – Andy @ dragoneystory

  54. Thank you for following my blog EFED. I pray it will be a blessing to your heart. You have a very inspiring story. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future. God bless you.

  55. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for following me and for you wonderful testrimony, It is always so amazng to hear of God’s wonderful Grace in action, HE never fails to met the needs of those who truly ssek HIM and surprising to some, but not to me, that He reaches out and touches those who are even antagonistic towards HIM. GOD bless you and your blog.
    PS Keep following me although I shall not post for just over two weeks as I am going abroad and will not have internet connection.


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