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Too Cold Tuesday: Even Colder! ❄️

Please don’t forget to say hello, like, comment and follow my blind trail adventures on my FitBlitz blog. I’d love to meet with you there…And it’ll stop me keep Reblogging on here too lol! 🤣


Hi Frozen FitBlitz Friends! I think you can guess that i really didn’t want to go out on the trail this morning, but that’s not the FitBlitz attitude is it, lol! After checking the weather app and it confirming that it was freezing (well below freezing, lol) my first thought was ‘at least the pond photo should look nice and white for all of you guys’ 😀 So really it’s your fault why i’m having to go out and freeze to death, lol! 🤣

I didn’t want to stand still for too long as i’d end up being one of those ice sculptures…So i quickly took the wide angle and normal zoom to get the 2 shots and crunched my way towards the path. There wasn’t too many other people out today (don’t know why, lol) so i thought i’d get a couple of photos today for you to enjoy…

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Tree Fallen Thursday: More Rain Too!

More FitBlitzing adventures this morning on my walk! 😀


Hi FitBlitz family! After more rain this morning (the fine stuff that soaks you through, lol) i thought my walk would be cut short, when i stumbled upon this fallen tree. For anyone else this wouldn’t be a problem, but for this blind man it means stop and turn around and go home! But…As i stood there taking this photo for you guys i heard somebody walking towards me, i couldn’t see them but my hearing is fantastic, yay! My plan was to look busy and wait until they arrived and then i’d try and figure out how they navigated this obstacle?!

They didn’t go around the tree so i knew it must be a long one, they just stepped over it with little effort…Excellent now it’s my turn…I walked up until i kicked the tree and did a large exaggerated step over (nearly kneeing myself in the face, lol)…Yay…

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Motivational Monday: I’m Back!! 💪🏼 😀


Hi friends! After having the whole Q4 celebrating my 2 fundraisering ultra walks last year…Yes the ultra walks i thought this blindman would never be able to achieve, but thanks to all of you out there who supported, cheered and donated i completed them, thank you so much! 😀

But now it’s Q1 i’ve really got to get back on it and get walking those trails! As it was a massive 3 months since i’d been out on my usual trail i t was very difficult as it’s winter and the paths are different and some of my markers have gone…But i managed it safely and got back home in one piece, a great start towards my goal of removing this unwanted weight after too much celebrating…I never said this weight loss journey was easy, lol! 😨

How are you guys doing? I hope you havn’t been as bad as…

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❤️ 1 Million Steps Complete! 💪🏼

So if you’re feeling inspired…Please hit the donate button and support my stepping challenge. Every step and every donation counts! ❤️


Hi Friends!!

Yay this blindman has somehow managed to drag this classic body 500 miles and reach 1 million steps to complete the challenge with 6 days to go!! I’m seriously heading for the pits to be restored and give my legs a rest so they won’t be as swollen and battered. 💪🏼 😀

You’ll be pleased to hear i won’t be doing any more charity challenges this year, so i won’t be hounding you for donations…But as this is my last opportunity and i’ve already smashed one of my two goals (the steps) please could you help me smash my fundraising goal??!!

During this agonising challenge and battling an omnifarious amount of emotions, i’ve learned that brittle type 1 diabetes is a million times worse than i’ve been feeling, and it simply never gives up, stays the same and definitely never rests! I really have full respect for my…

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Day 53/61: Home Straight…Hopefully! 😲


Hi Friends!!

Man is this challenge still going?! I don’t know about you but i was fed up after the 1st month…I think I’m having ‘post challenge blues’ but during the challenge, lol! 🤣

I think my legs are shorter, i’m really starting to hate walking and most of all my lovely new trainers burned out after 300 miles!! 😭 I can’t believe this challenge is still going on, i’m seriously not doing another endurance challenge again (not sure how true this statement will be once i’ve finished).

Oh i almost forgot…I’m meant to be celebrating passing 900,000 steps (that’s around 450 miles) which is fantastic and further than i’ve ever walked without a days rest! I hope you can celebrate for me as i’m still on the floor exhausted and lacking the power to go on.

I know brittle type 1 diabetes is a million times worse than i’m…

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Day 37/61: 600,000 Steps!! 🙌


Hi Friends!!

Wow i thought my ‘Ultra Step Challenge‘ during advent 2020 for Blood Pressure UK was gruelling, and that was only 24 days, lol! 😨 I’m now 2 years older and this current challenge is double the milage…But after a wayward week in the slough of despond, i’m happy to be awarded the 600,000 step badge (that’s 300 miles).

If i ever mention i’m doing another endurance charity challenge in the future, can you tell me NO, lol! 😀

Sarah’s Message…🤔

Whilst out on my walk this morning (i didn’t want to go but i did) i was flagging on about mile 4 until i recieved this message from my lovely wife Sarah:

“Oooh you are strong and amazing. 💪 I love you very much and am inspired by your determination to get these steps done… however hard it is. You are my amazing wonderful hero husband……

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❤️ Fundraising Friday! Day 33/61 😰


Hi Friends!!

It’s day 33/61, and this blindman has walked over 260 miles (over half a million steps) and i can’t believe i still have 28 days to go…If i could stop right now, i would! It’s such a gruelling challenge that just keeps going…It’s by far the worst one i’ve done so far, but i have to keep going some how?!😨

Type 1 diabetes never gives Sarah a rest, so I don’t want to have one either during my fundraising challenge!

Every donation counts…❤️

Please help and hit the donate button and support my stepping challenge. Every step and every donation counts. Join me and let’s help everybody living with diabetes. For all the mums, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and best friends, creating a world where diabetes can do no harm.

One million steps is around 500 miles, and it’s going to be a really…

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Day 30/61: 500,000 Steps!! 🙌


Hi Friends!!

This blindman is celebrating hitting the half way mark of this gruelling challenge…The 500,000 steps (around 250 miles) badge! 🙌

I can’t believe i’ve not posted in 6 days!! 😨 But i just wanted to let you know i’m not dead…Although i think i’m a little shorter now, or is it just the tread wear on my trail shoes, lol! 🤣

The Gruelling Challenge…😰

Diabetes is relentless and simply never stops…But neither do I!

For the last 18 years i’ve seen first hand how my lovely wife Sarah battles, struggles and copes with her ‘brittle Type 1’ diabetes. She’s such a warrior and is truly my inspiration on perseverance, determination and drive to keep fighting.

Please click HERE and read my story, donate and please share it everywhere you can!! 😀

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Day 24/61: The T-Shirt!


Hi Friends!!

Yay…It’s only thanks to you guys for your kind and generous donations towards this gruelling challenge , that i’ve recieved the ‘One Million Step Challenge‘ t-shirt. Diabetes UK send you the t-shirt once you’ve raised over £100…So i can’t thank you guys enough! 💪🏼

As you’ve probably guessed…I love charity t-shirts as i can hardly see them whilst i’m out walking…But everyone else has to look (and read) my wearable advertising board, llol! 🤣 💪🏼

A quick shout out…📣

I’d just like to give a quick shout out to Dayle (from ‘Tip of my iceberg‘ blog), as her message “Steve, I hope this will encourage you a little. Know that our prayers are with you! Congratulations of pursuing this!” left on my fundraising page really helped me over the last 2 days, when my motivation was a little flat…It was a timely message to…

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Day 22/61: 420,000 Steps!


Hi Friends!!

Awww is it only day 22 of 61!! 😨 It’s going to be a really short post today as i’m happy i’ve reached over 420,000 steps (around 200 miles)…But it’s hard to stay motivated whilst your body is aching and trying to be substituted off the playing field! Sorry i don’t have anything funny or mildly interesting to say today, but i’ll be back tomorrow when i’ll be hopefully full of beans?! 🤔

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❤️ Fundraising Friday! Day 19/61 😰


Hi Friends!!

It’s day 19/61, and this blindman has walked over 160 miles and i’ve earned my 350,000 steps badge this week…Yes i’m tired and hurting as i battle my way along this gruelling challenge! 😰 Can you help this charity close to my heart? Please donate or share everywhere (or both, lol)! ❤️

Type 1 diabetes never gives Sarah a rest, so I don’t want to have one either during my fundraising challenge!

I’ve had 3 kind donations this week…One from Ian (from church), an anonymous donation and one from Ann & Michael (also from church). I can’t tell you how humbling and motivating it is to get such generous support., it also inspires me to keep going through this endurance challenge and keep fighting to help this great charity that’s close to my heart, as my lovely warrior wife Sarah has ‘Brittle Type 1 Diabetes’. ❤️ 💪🏼

Ian’s message…

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Day 16,17 &18/61: Getting lost, 3 donations & 350,000 steps!


Hi Friends!!

Yay…I’m celebrating that this blindman has reached over 350,000 steps!! I’m also trying to calm my aching legs…But i already feel like a battered ‘Group B’ rally car after being thrashed around the rally stages, and i’ve only done a third of the challenge! 😨

I think i need to break out my old panel beating skills to repair and restore my old classic bodywork. It needs lots of repairs,planishing and some putty filler, lol! 🤣

Getting lost in the woods…😨

As you may know it’s taken me about 2 years to finally create a 2.5 mile lap in my local woods…But as I’m now using my new microsoft soundscape GPS app to navigate me through the woods, i had a bright idea to try and lengthen my trail lap…Bad idea! 🤣

At least it was nice as i was getting lost, lol! 🤣

As i was happy the…

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Yay…August Challenge 2022 Award! 💪🏼


Hi Friends!

Wow i can’t believe i’ve already earned this award and it’s only day 17! I normally just sneak the badge in right at the end of the month…But with my ‘One million step challenge‘ which started 1st August, it meant i’ve nailed it already as i’ve been stomping over 10 miles a day without a rest so far! 💪🏼 😀

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Day 13,14 &15/61: Weekend Walks With The Warrior! 💪🏼 😀


Hi Friends!!

Saturday and Sunday were both scorches at 33˚C and i knew it would be tough getting lots of steps done…So as my T1D warrior wife Sarah was off work, she first made the nicest iced coffee and then we headed off to the ponds in the nature reserve. ☕ 😀

I put my AirPods in and shouted out everything my new microsoft soundscape app was telling me…Sarah said it was really useful and we could try it everywhere we go, yay a win! 🤣 When we arrived at the point that you guys know well (it’s the edge of the pond i always photograph through each season) my app shouted out “Fishing platform”…Of course it is, why didn’t i think of that, lol! 🤣 Now i wonder if there is such a thing called blind fishing? 🤔

After Sarah shouted at me to get my photo taken with…

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❤️ Fundraising Friday! Day 12/61 😰


Hi Friends!!

It’s day 12/61, and i’ve done over 110 miles and i’ve just earned my 250,000 steps badge this morning…Yes i’m tired and hurting especially through this heatwave! 😰 Can you help this charity close to my heart? Please donate or share everywhere (or both, lol)! ❤️

Type 1 diabetes never gives Sarah a rest, so I don’t want to have one either during my fundraising challenge!

I’ve had 2 kind donations this week…The 1st from my lovely wife Sarah and the 2nd friend from Dayle (blogger from the USA) which is not only humbling and motivating, it also inspires me to keep going through this endurance challenge and keep fighting to help this great charity that’s close to my heart! 💪🏼 😀

Sarah’s message “Thanks for doing this amazing challenge to support diabetes UK my lovely husband. I just wanted to contribute and get you started on what is…

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Day 10/61: Shoe lace charms, Soundscape & heatwaves! ☀️


Hi Friends!!

I’ve already pounded over 100 miles wearing my super bright Inov8 Trailfly G300 max trail shoes…And as a reward for earning the first donation Diabetes UK sent me some metal shoe lace charms to wear during the challenge:

“When you receive your first donation we’ll send you a shoelace charm as a special reminder that every step counts and we must always look after our feet. We’ll post this to you automatically if you’ve opted to receive rewards. We’ll send these out throughout the challenge.”

Sarah tells me they look fantastic and fit perfectly on the trail shoe. I’m defo looking after my feet with these stupendous shoes…I really don’t want to burn them out but the challenge is worth it!! 💪🏼 😀

About The Blind Navigation Soundscape app…😲

I’ve been out on my trail again this morning, finding places where i can add new waypoints along my…

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Day 9/61: Soundscape, indoor workouts & more sun! ☀️


My Soundscape app home screen! 😀

Hi Friends!!

Today was not only another hot 29˚C, but i had to wait in for some deliveries…Which meant i had to fight for my steps today! 💪🏼 I managed an early quick few miles before the start time of the deliveries, as i wanted to try out my new ‘Soundscape’ app on my trail. I’m at the beginners stage of the app so just managed to place some map markers along my route, to see if my earphones can pick them up in 360˚ audio beacon targeting thingy, which would be cool and very useful when i get lost!! 😀

I also did some workouts on apple fitness plus in my living room to try and keep my steps up…I managed quite a few steps whilst bombing around the room, lol! 🤣 Now i’ll probably spend the rest of my challenge trying to…

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Day 8/61: ☀️ Heatwaves, awards & more steps!


Hi Friends!!

Yeah i’m still walking, lol! 🤣 It’s day 8 of this monumental 61 day challenge, and i have another heatwave to look forwards too for nearly 2 weeks! 😨 It’s 29˚C today and i’m getting my well rounded tan as i walk my circular lap…Well at least that’s a bonus, lol! 🤣 Walking in the sun is an absolute killer for me, as the brightness fries my eyes, brain and drains me really fast no matter what hat, cap or sunglasses combo i try…It’s just the sight i have to put up with..At least i get a break when i’m asleep, and i even dream fully sighted some of the time which is weird…But brittle Type One Diabetes never gives Sarah a rest so i’ll stop complaining, lol…And it’s why i’m doing this challenge without a rest day too! 😨

My Steps So Far…💪🏼

At the time of…

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Comfort and Joy

🙏 Amen. Let His praise always be on our lips! 😀

The Fathers Feet

I, even I, am he who comforts you and gives you all this joy. So what right have you to fear mere mortal men, who wither like the grass and disappear?

Isaiah 51:12 Living Bible

Pray with me please.

Father God,
Thank You for being our Healer, for making all things new, and for holding all wisdom. You are the God of all of our days. We give You all of our praise. No matter what goes on in our lives, You are still God and You are worthy of all of our praise. Thank You for the comfort and the joy that You give us. Thank You for leading and guiding us. You are so awesome. Thank You for being our all in all. Thank You for the answers that You provide us in Your word. Thank You for being all these things that the song says. You are…

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Day 6&7/61: Dayle, Donation & Dessert! 💪🏼


Hi FitBlitz Friends!!

You’re never going to believe this (i didn’t)…Me and my lovely wife Sarah were sat in the rear garden of our favourite restaurant (Sicily Restaurant), and just as Grace was placing the stunning ‘Tiramisu’ on to the table…The muppets theme tune blasted out of my pocket from my iPhone!! I looked straight at Sarah (or as near as possible) as we both knew what the tune meant…A donation!! 😲

The incredible Tiramisu from Sicily restaurant! 😋

The Donation…😲

Before i had chance to click through and read the amazing message my phone blasted out again as i’d been awarded the badge above! 💪🏼 The loving donation actually took my fundraising to £166. 😲

Sarah was reading the many shocked looks from my face and asking who it was from? I kept saying you’re never going to believe who it’s from?? I said “it’s in US Dollars again”…

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❤️ Fundraising Friday! 😀


Hi Friends!!

It’s day 5/61, and i’ve done 57 miles and over 115,000 steps…Yes i’m tired and hurting, lol! 🤣 Can you help this charity close to my heart? Please donate or share everywhere (or both, lol)! ❤️

Type 1 diabetes never gives Sarah a rest, so I don’t want to have one either during my fundraising challenge!

So if you’re feelinginspired…Please hit the donate button and support my stepping challenge. Every step and every donation counts. Join me and let’s help everybody living with diabetes. For all the mums, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and best friends, creating a world where diabetes can do no harm.

One million steps is around 500 miles, i’ve already donated £25…It’s going to be a really tough challenge and it’s the furthest i’ve ever walked by a long way!! Please help! 😨

Every penny given will go towards Diabetes UK care…

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Day 5/61: ‘One Million Step Challenge For Diabetes UK! ❤️


Hi FitBlitz Friends!!

Wow that train track is close, lol! 😨 I’m so glad i stayed where i was when i took this photo…I thought i wouldn’t get the tracks in the shot, but once i arrived home and zoomed in on my iMac…It’s right there!! 😀 At least i know not to step any closer, and maybe i can get a slow motion video of the train as i can hear when it comes.

My Steps So Far…💪🏼

At the time of this post i’m just over 115,000 steps after 5 days…I’m hoping for some more steps this evening, as i’m trying to build a surplus before my legs burn off, as you never know what can happen to this blindman whilst out on the trail…So i’ll get the steps in when i can! 💪🏼

Today’s Theme: “Round” 🤔

I spent my walk thinking about what i could post…

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Day 4/61: ‘One Million Step Challenge For Diabetes UK! ❤️


Hi FitBlitz Friends!!

Yay i actually managed to get me and a bit of the trail in a selfie this morning! 😲 I thought i’ve been taking hundreds of photos whilst on my trail walks…But not one of me on the trail which could lead to you thinking i’m just posting anyones photos, lol! 🤣 I can’t see my iPhone at all so don’t take many selfies, mainly as i’m old and think the camera should be pointing the other way (others come first). 🤣

Please let me know if you like seeing me in the frame with the trail, and i’ll have to start trying to get better at it…Meanwhile here is a normal photo of my trail! 🤣

I managed 8.5 miles today in the hot sun and had no dramas. I was trying to slow down to just over 3 mph but my body just won’t slow…

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Day 3/61: Meet Sarah’s Walking Warriors! 💪🏼 ❤️


Hi FitBlitz Family!!

When i first posted on Facebook about this crazy challenge and how i wanted to do it in 2 months instead of 3, and for Diabetes UK for my lovely wife Sarah as inspiration and motivation… I received a comment from our friend Anita saying she wanted to do it too! Anita then set up this ‘Sarah’s Walking Warriors‘ fundraising page and i quickly joined. Wow what a name!!! 😀

Anita used to work with Sarah at ‘World Cancer Research Fund’ and quickly became friends with Sarah (who wouldn’t??) so she got to know quite a bit about type one diabetes and soon joined me on this challenge. Anita also was one of the ‘Crazy Clappers’ on my first ‘Blind Steve’ challenge which was the ‘Tough Mudder‘ back in Oct 2018. 💪🏼

Anita is an absolute walking machine and is the master that…

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Day 2/61: ‘One Million Step Challenge For Diabetes UK! ❤️


A windy trail in the centre of the image with trees all around from left to right

Hi FitBlitz Family!!

Wow that was tough!! For the last couple of miles i was staggering like a zombie in an 80’s dodgy horror film, lol! 🤣 I know my new extended trail lap is harder as it has more uphill sections, but this was crazy…I was exhausted, dripping with sweat as it’s still hot here and drinking my water like a dying man. But i managed the 9.3 miles (about 29,000 steps) before lunchtime, and i’ve only got 59 days to go, lol! 🤣 😨

A large close up of a sunflower taking up the whole left of the photograph

The sunflower above is one of Sarah’s in the garden. I managed to earn some more steps last night by watering the flowers…Well once i’d picked myself off the ground after my first 9.3 miles walk yesterday! 🤣 And as this flower hit me in the face…I thought i’d take a photo of it. Wow it’s nearly as bright as a Sarah smile! 😲

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Day 1/61: ‘One Million Step Challenge For Diabetes UK! ❤️


Hi FitBlitz Family!!

Well this is it, the start of my gruelling 500 mile step challenge. I put on my stupendous new trail shoes, my backpack with water, lucozade and maybe a protein bar or two, lol…When Sarah said “Quick you need to have a photo for the start of your challenge, and to show the Fitblitz family that you’ve started”…Above is the photo of the old blind guy trying to walk 500 miles, lol! 🤣


I managed a 9.3 mile (2 of my new laps) to kick off this morning steps. It worked out at 19,062 steps, so i quickly logged it on my fundraising page…A good start and i still have more to come on this first day! 😀

Today’s Theme: Pink…

During this challenge i’d joined the ‘One million step’ Facebook group, and they have a theme for each day to keep things interesting. As you…

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☀️#1 The Blind Sightseers: Visit Tuscany, Italy 🇮🇹 (2014)

Please check out the first post in ‘The Blind Sightseers Through The Archives Tour’, and join me and Sarah on a brobdingnagian adventure!! 💪🏼 🤣


Hi friends! Welcome to the first post of this monumental, inconceivable and definitely memorable blind sightseers through the archive tour!

Nancy (from Nancy Loderick’s Blog) has requested to see more of ‘The Blind Sightseers’ adventures and escapades… Well i’m never bored of posting our amazing memories (new & old) as it’s easy to forget just how blessed we are (and have been). I’ll be sharing a post (or 2) each week (nearly 100 posts of travels) so you (and Nancy) can join us on our monumental adventures. This new endeavour is going to bring back some amazing memories for me and Sarah, and i hope it brings lots of smiles, laughter and interest during 2022…Let’s start in 2014, the year i got my first passport at 38 years old! 😲

Tuscany logo Italy

Wow, the time has come…Me and my lovely wife Sarah are off to Florence, Italy to visit the…

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❤️ Fundraising Friday: Please help me reach my fundraising target.

❤️ Please help me reach my fundraising target!


Me carrying my lovely princess Sarah! ❤️

Hi FitBlitz Family!!

For the last 18 years since meeting my ‘T1D Warrior Wife Sarah’, i’ve always wanted to be a ‘Sarah’s Walking Warrior’ and raise money for Diabetes…So here is the 4th ‘Blind Steve’ fundraising challenge…💪🏼

Support Blind Steve in the Diabetes UK – One Million Step Challenge

Diabetes is relentless and simply never stops…But neither do I!

For the last 18 years i’ve seen first hand how my lovely wife Sarah battles, struggles and copes with her‘brittle Type 1’ diabetes. She’s such a warrior and is truly my inspiration onperseverance, determination and drive to keep fighting.

So last week, when I heard of the ‘One Million Step Challenge’ i had to sign up straight away. I’ve always wanted to fundraise for Diabetes UK and show Sarah how much it means to me too, and this is my chance!

I realise this…

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Yay…10 Years Of iChristian! 🎉

Hi iChristian Family!

WordPress kindly notified me of this 10 years of blogging award badge, so obviously i’m celebrating this achievement! 💪🏼 😀

But seriously…I only have you guys to thank! I can’t believe the warm welcomes, the encouragements, the support, the prayers, the laughs and the cries…I could list much more but i wanted to keep this short, lol! 🤣 Oh and never mind the fat that you’re still here reading, liking, and commenting…I can’t believe you’re not bored yet, lol?! The journey i share with you guys is ineffable and i wouldn’t change it for the world…Well except to meet you guys face to face! 💪🏼 😀

The more i think about the last 10 years, the more i think about writing…So i’ll just stop here and say a huge THANK YOU and God bless all of you!! 🙏 😀

🙏 Prayer 4 2day…

I do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins. (Colossians 1:9-14)

Diabetes UK – One Million Step Challenge Training: 4 days to go!


Hi FitBlitz Family!!

Today’s training was to try (for the final time) to add an extra loop to my trusted 2.5 mile trail. I told Sarah roughly where i’d be in case i fell down a hole, got ran over or simply just got lost. She said she’d check my location on ‘find my friends’ if i’m too long, lol! 🤣 So here i go…

I walked off my route and down to the furthest point of my walk and launched my iPhone maps app. I knew there was a road that went in the general direction of home but i didn’t know how i get there or if there was a pavement (sidewalk) next to the road…I also knew there’s a train line very close and i wouldn’t survive being run over by a train but i might survive being run over by a car though, lol. As i…

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The Gift of Walking! 😀


Hi FitBlitz Friends! For some reason the video below was recommended by YouTube yesterday (not sure why it thinks i like walking, lol). As a stats man i love all of the benefits given, and as walking is now my main form of transport since losing my sight…Always wondered why God was building my legs up through football, cycling and weight training (yes i think i was the only one who loved leg day) when i was fully sighted, lol?! Now i have to carry everything in a backpack and walk everywhere…And now i’ve never felt better in my whole life!! 💪🏼 😀

Oh yes this was meant to be a quick post showing you a great video, lol, i could ramble on for ages! 🤣

The Gift Of Walking Video…💪🏼

Let’s ‘FitBlitz’ 2022 Together!! 💪🏼 😀

Motivational Quote…💬

“Obsessed is just a word the lazyuseto describe the dedicated”


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Meditate on Troubles

🙏 Amen!

-Word- pictures by DLink

Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.” It’s a simple but wise saying that reminds us about the importance of hardships in our life. Without challenges, we never learn new skills or gain the spiritual strength needed in order to endure. This is why the apostle Paul teaches us to “celebrate in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope” (Romans 5:3-4). Everyone faces difficulties. For some, it might involve financial challenges or the loss of good health. Others might know the pain that comes with the breakup of a family or the death of a long-held dream. The question is not if one of these things will happen to us but when. Rather than spend time worrying, we put our faith in God.

Commentary from the In Touch devotional by Charles Stanley, July 10, 2022.

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❤️The Blind Sightseers: Visit Breadsall Priory!😲

Hi Friends! For our 15th wedding anniversary (7th July 2022) we decided on visiting the ‘Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel & Country Club‘ for 3 nights in Derby, UK, and wow was it a special time. When i was 12 (35 years ago 😲) i used to do my morning paper round in Breadsall village, but i’d never visited this place even though i lived in Derby for 30 years! Oh and it has an indoor swimming pool for Sarah…She absolutely loves swimming, so her goes…😀 

The Bear Cafe…😋 

When we arrived in Derby after a 3 hour journey on a train, a tube train and then another train…We walked straight to the BEAR cafe as they do the best croissants and strong coffee. When i say ‘Best’ i don’t mean it’s at the top of the ‘Blind Sightseers Gastronomic Leaderboard’ that is still the phenomenal croissants we had in Amalfi, Italy…I mean the best in Derby that we’ve had so far, lol! 🤣 I was just so pleased to put down my massive backpack (the one use for rucking) and i think i’d filled every pocket and pouch! 😨 

Welcom to Breadsall Priory…😲 

Info taken from Marriott’s website: “Experience a majestic sense of arrival as you drive down the mile-long approach surrounded by rolling Derbyshire countryside. Steeped in rich history, Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel and Country Club dates back to 1266 and is the oldest Marriott in the world. Bordered by the Peak District National Park and its natural beauty, we are also conveniently close to many local attractions, including Chatsworth House and Kedleston Hall. Sleep well in our sophisticated rooms, work out in the gym, spend time relaxing at the spa or taking a dip in our heated indoor pool. Perfect your swing on one of our two golf courses, including the Championship Priory Course which offers challenging and varied play. We have two fantastic restaurants on site, Cast Iron Grill offers fresh, locally sourced best of British dishes including Afternoon Tea whilst the Tempo Bar is the perfect setting for a coffee.”

Yay we’ve made it…🙌 

Exiting the taxi (and making lots of wow noises) we made it to the front desk. The kind lady then walked us to our room…How easy does that sound? I think it was the most convoluted walk i’ve ever done, a maze would’ve been easier, lol. The lady (and Sarah) were fantastic at telling me about the stairs up, then down, then up and then down you get the point, it felt like we’d walked around the hotel 10 times until we finally arrived at the room…Good for the step count though! 🤣 

Room 170…😲 

The room was fantastic and overlooked the 18th hole (not sure which one of the 2 golf courses it was) and we quickly made ourselves at home and unpacked (can’t believe i didn’t take any photos of the actual room). The room phone started ringing and after we zoned in to the noise and located it…We picked it up. It was Charlotte (a super kind lady) and she said that she’d give us a walking tour of the whole place as she knew we were blind…Wow how kind is that?!

Charlotte first showed us the rear door of the hotel which was about 30 steps from our room and it led outside to a lovely arch which was right outside the other window in our room (see photos below) and to a small car park which led straight to the ‘Tempo Bar’, ‘Gym & Swimming Pool’ and a much easier wide road that led us around to the front of the hotel…Wow our room was at the very end corner of the hotel and was perfectly located for us to be near the pool and gym…Fantastic! 💪🏼 😀 

The Gym & Swim…🏋🏻‍♂️🏊🏻‍♂️

The indoor pool was the main reason for booking this hotel as the swimming pools at home are far too busy for us blindies. Charlotte introduced us to Gemma (she was amazingly helpful and kind for the whole 4 days) and she too gave us a guided tour around the whole place. We were amazed at just how big it was…The swimming pool was nice and large, and next to it was a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room…Sarah loved all of them, lol. Then up the stairs (my domain, lol) was the large cardio room (see photo below), large weight machines room and also a free weights room too! We absolutely loved this place and went every day at 6am (when it opened) and we were the first people in, it was like we had hired it all for ourselves, fantastic when you can’t see and having the feeling of freedom as we didn’t bump into anyone, lol! 🤣 

he empty cardio gym 

Once Gemma had shown me an easy way to use the treadmill, i was armed and ready for action. I would leave Sarah to get changed for swimming and as i’d memorised my way to the treadmills, i would hit the big start button, and i had up and down buttons on the handles for incline and speed which i kept changing to increase the intensity! Then i just kept walking until Sarah would come and tell me to stop as she’d finished and…I never knew how long Sarah would be, i just hoped she’d be back before i collapsed, lol! 🤣 

We went at least 2 times a day, and i think Sarah even went 4 times on the Saturday. It was so accessible and felt like it was made for us, we hav’nt experienced anything quite so good like this. Gemma was even motivated by us going all of the time, and said that next time we come (and we definitely will) she’ll be working out even harder! 💪🏼 😀 

Cast Iron Grill…🥩

after FitBlitzing it in the gym and swim we were really looking forwards to the evening meal at the in-house restaurant, we had a lovely walk around the grounds as the restaurant was at the front of the hotel …But first a quick toast for our 15th wedding anniversary!! ❤️

We both skipped the starters and headed straight for the sirloin steaks…Wow they even came with chips. I

☢️ HEALTH WARNING… Ding, Ding, Ding…Boom! 😋 

Yay it’s the sound of the ‘Blind Sightseers Gastronomic Leaderboard’ bell, and it’s not for the steak! It was the stupendous ‘Bearnaise’ sauce. It was simply amazing and was the tastiest bearnaise sauce we’ve ever tasted…And Sarah is the sauce master as she’s pretty much tasted every sauce going, lol! 🤣 

As you can tell i’m enjoying the meal, and it wasn’t long before all of the food had vanished…Now it was time to choose dessert…It was at this point when the waitress turned up with a large tray and set it down on the table. She then said “Happy anniversary”. Sarah & i were both stunned as we didn’t even know that they knew it was our anniversary?! We thanked her profusely then Sarah described it to me…Mmmm chocolate! 😋 

It was absolutely delicious and of course i had to eat Sarah’s brownie too (after she’d had a tea spoon) as we didn’t want her blood sugar to spike too much! Oh and the funny photo below shows just how sweet it tasted!! 🤣 

We were completely blown away by the kind and considerate staff in the entire hotel, as they’d really taken our sight loss to heart and were bending over backwards and going the extra mile for us to make our stay as accessible as possible…We really can’t thank them enough. We walked around the grounds some more to finish off our anniversary…

And then just when we’d arrived back to our room Sarah found this for us…😲

I’m not sure what more i can say about their kindness?! We will keep the card in our memory box, but i’m sorry, the handmade chocolates didn’t last the visit, lol! 🤣 

The Secret Garden…🌻 

On day 2, 3 & 4 (same amazing routine each day) we woke up at 5:30am and got to the leisure centre for 6am, Gemma was turning everything on and was impressed that we’d got up early and were the first to arrive. We had a fantastic time and Sarah loved having the pool to herself to finally swim without any interruptions or people in the way…And i took to walking on a treadmill instead of the treacherous trail at home, lol! 🤣 Then after we had the great breakfast we had a look around the ground and found the secret garden and a lovely bench to enjoy it! 😀 

The Bench…☀️ 

The sun was blazing down for the whole 4 days which made the bench a perfect place to sit. Nobody walked past or even came near so it felt like nobody knew about this place…This worked great for us as it was like our home away from home. 😀 

After my attempt at ‘Photobombing’ we went for a little walk around the whole grounds (well as far as we could go without getting blasted by golf balls) and just enjoyed being away in this stunning place. 😀 

The Flowers…🌻 

I then heard lots of wow noises coming from Sarah as she asked me to take photos of her with some of the stunning flowers! 

Then once i’d peeled Sarah away from some of her fave flowers, we carried on enjoying, making wow noises and soaking in the lovely sunshine…Until we found something interesting…?? 🤔 ☀️ 

Blind Chess Anyone…?

As we walked towards the building and around one of the sides, we found some large garden games. Sarah said “You’re going to love this” as she walked me up to the chessboard on the ground and lifted one of the pieces up for me to figure out?! I could just about make out the knight but believe it or not, i still need the pieces to be bigger…Maybe as big as me to be able to have a game, lol! 🤣 Sarah then said “Quick let me get a photo of you and you can show it to your bloggers…Another fantastic idea from my lovely wife, hope you enjoy! 😀 

my new niece jessica…😲 

Kelly with baby Jessica! 😀 

As this was a 3 night stay for our 15th wedding anniversary, we wanted it to be low key as we didn’t have time to visit everyone whilst we were up near Derby…But we thought it would be a great way of seeing my new niece for the first time (if they could come to us for a quick visit) they did, and we had a lovely couple of hours catching up with Paul (my brother), Kelly and my new niece Jessica…

Happy 13th birthday Ella…😀 

On our 4th day (Sunday) we had to check out of the room at 12:00, so we just had time for a gym & swim, a walk around the grounds and my friend Rob and his family to come for breakfast and celebrate Ella’s 13th birthday with us. We had a great time (no not just the breakfast, lol) and when we were travelling home later that day, we were sent the picture (above) of Ella and her new cute rabbit! 

Wow what a lovely 15th wedding anniversary…❤️

I’ve had such a lovely time putting this post together and remembering just how much fun, love and laughter i shared with my stupendous wife Sarah…I can’t wait for her to read this and see the photos…I hope you all and Sarah enjoy the ‘Blind Sightseers’ latest adventure?! 😀 

Oh i almost forgot…I bought Sarah the bouquet of sunflowers etc as she has worked at MS (multiple sclerosis) Society for a year, and i thought i’d finish this post with sunflowers and smiles!! 🌻 😀

Support Blind Steve in the Diabetes UK – One Million Step Challenge! 

“Diabetes is relentless and simply never stops…But neither do I!” – Blind Steve 💪🏼 

Hi iChristian Family!!

The blindman is off the sidelines again…And while God gives me the strength in my legs…i’ll use them for doing crazy fundraising challenges to help others! I really didn’t want to fill this blog with annoying fundraising asks, as my last fundraiser ‘Trail Marathon‘ was only in April 2022…But you know me…And when i stumbled across this ‘One Million Step Challenge’ and found it was for Diabetes UK i just had to do something! 

For the last 18 years since meeting my ‘T1D Warrior Wife Sarah’, i’ve always wanted to be a ‘Sarah’s Walking Warrior’ and raise money for Diabetes…So here is the 4th ‘Blind Steve’ fundraising challenge…💪🏼 

Quick Link to my fundraising page:

Below is the story taken from my fundraising page…

Support Blind Steve in the Diabetes UK – One Million Step Challenge

Diabetes is relentless and simply never stops…But neither do I!

For the last 18 years i’ve seen first hand how my lovely wife Sarah battles, struggles and copes with her ‘brittle Type 1’ diabetes. She’s such a warrior and is truly my inspiration on perseverance, determination and drive to keep fighting. 

So last week, when I heard of the ‘One Million Step Challenge’  i had to sign up straight away. I’ve always wanted to fundraise for Diabetes UK and show Sarah how much it means to me too, and this is my chance! 

I realise this challenge has already started (running from 1st July to 30th September 2022). Requiring participants to walk a million steps over those three months. My cunning plan is to start the challenge on Monday 1st August and try and walk the one million steps in two months instead! This works out at over 16,000 steps each day, for the 61 days, without a rest

Type 1 diabetes never gives Sarah a rest, so I don’t want to have one either during my fundraising challenge…The nature reserve trail is going to get a pounding again, lol! 🤣 

Quick Factoid…

Did you know someone is diagnosed with diabetes every two minutes? As many as 4.8 million people are living with diabetes in the UK right now.

So if you’re feeling inspired…Please hit the donate button and support my stepping challenge. Every step and every donation counts. Join me and let’s help everybody living with diabetes. For all the mums, dads, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and best friends, creating a world where diabetes can do no harm.

Let’s get this party started!! 🎉 As 1 Million steps is around 500 miles, i’ve already donated 5p per mile (£25.00)…It’s going to be a really tough challenge and it’s the furthest i”ve ever walked…But i’ve got to do the steps now!!

Every penny given will go towards Diabetes UK care and support services, advice and guidance, and pioneering research. Together, we’re changing the world for people with diabetes.

Thank you so much, Steve! ❤️

Reaping the Consequences of the Hippie Generation

Another wisdom filled post from Ellie. Don’t let the biblical lenses slip! 🙏 😀

New Creations Ministries

In 1967, the popular rock band, The Grassroots, released a song entitled “Let’s Live for Today.” It epitomized the growing culture of the ’60s hippie generation. Since I look at health through a Biblical lens, I see a correlation here between healthy and destructive choices. Please indulge me.

Young people today believe the older generation doesn’t understand what it was to be young. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The ’60s Hippie Generation enjoyed a “free love philosophy” too. Don’t worry about tomorrow, grab hedonistic pleasure today! Looking back, what seemed like a good idea at the time turned out to be nothing but waking up the next morning with regrets, guilt, or a splitting headache, bowing before a porcelain god.

This ’60s philosophy of allowing others to live the way they want without boundaries became harmful. It morphed into an “I’m okay, you’re okay” attitude. This produced apathy…

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☀️Are You Staying Cool? 😅

Hey iChristian family…Of course this is for you too!! 😀
It’s much easier for me to Reblog rather than do a whole extra post…Sorry if a little inconvenient, i know it’s not ideal! 🙏


Hi FitBlitz family! As i’m sat here typing this during this ‘European Heat Wave’ with a desk fan blowing my head off trying to stay cool…I was thinking about all of you guys and hoped you’re managing in the heat? I know we like to ‘FitBlitz’ it on here but i’ve stayed in for the last few days while it’s been super hot…I love rest days too, lol! 🤣

Sarah in our fave place in the world…Southern Palms, Barbados! 😀

It should reach 40˚C today here in Surrey, England, UK, and unfortunately the ‘Blind Sightseers’ don’t have the amazing Barbados beach or the Sharkey’s Tropical Cafe to enjoy…Which reminds me…I have about 100 posts of the Blind Sightseers’ escapades and adventures i could post again, this time with extra trips and travels?! Is this something you’d like to see? 🤔

Sarah at Sharkey’s Tropical Cafe in Barbados, drinking a lovely…

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❤️Love At First Sight…Village: 18 Years On!!! ❤️

From ‘Sight Village’ To ‘Supercars’, what a journey…So Far!! 💪🏼 😀

 This weekend we’re celebrating a brobdingnagian 18 years since the ‘Blind Sightseers’ first met at Sight Village, Birmingham, UK. We’ve been simply stunned how God has joined us together with the incredible love we thought we’d never find, taken us to places we thought we could never go…And He always gives beyond anything we can imagine…And it’s not over yet??!!! 😲 🙏

Our Journey in Photos…😀

2004; Two Souls Entwine…

2005: Weymouth, UK…

2006: Heacham, Norfolk, UK…

2007 – The Big Day!

2008: Old Hunstanton, Norfolk UK…

2009: VIP Hot Air Balloon Flight…

2010:..3rd Wedding Anniversary…

2011: Friday Street, Surrey, UK…

2012: Castle Rising Castle, Norfolk, UK…

Me & Sarah Worshiping with music to the Lord

2013: 6th Wedding Anniversary…

2014: Florence, Italy…

2015: Saint Kitts, Caribbean…

2016: Caribbean Cruise…

2017: Greek Islands…


2018: Tough Mudder & Barbados…


2019: The Unimog, Bonaire & Barbados…

2020: Trail Snow & Ultra Step Challenge…

2021: Doughnuts & Football…

2022: Lamborghini & Ferrari Drive…

Sarah in the Lamborghini Gallardo 5.0L V10 in 2022 😀
Steve (me) in the Ferrari F430 Spider 4.3L V8 in 2022 😀

To Be Continued…🤔

☀️ 26˚C Rucking Thursday: 6 Miles! 😅


Hi FitBlitz family! I know 26˚C is positively cold for most of you, but here in England it’s really hot for summer, lol! 🤣 I was certainly well equipped as i took out my massive backpack for a ride again today, and i fill it with all kinds of things that i don’t need…I just need a tent and could stay out for days, lol! 🤣

I just had to take a photo of the ‘Mountain Of Manure’ in the top image, as my foot sank a little further than expected at that point of the walk…So i stopped, stamped my feet a few times and took this shot for you all, lol! 🤣

As i was stomping around the nature reserve trail today, drinking water whilst running with sweat i decided to keep stopping and take some nice sunny photos…I’m sure my body had holes in it as the…

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☀️ 31˚C Walking Wednesday: 6 Miles! 😅


Hi FitBlitz family! Well there is 1 good thing about going out in the intense heat and dripping with sweat for the past 2 days…The trail was empty!! I couldn’t believe it as it was perfect for me not to have cyclists, runners and ferocious dogs coming at me all of the time. 🤣

This week (after getting back from an amazing trip to the Marriott Breadsall Priory Hotel & Country Club) i’d decided to switch up my walking again…I’ve pulled out my First Tactical 60+ litre (with all the pouches) backpack, and it feels like wearing power armour (from Fallout 4 PS Game) as it wraps around you. The wide hip belt itself has 4 pouches on including 2 water bottle pouches…I’m so grateful for these especially in this incredible heat! 💪🏼 Sorry i could go on for ever talking about just how many pouches, pockets and compartments it…

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❤️The Princess And The Priory!😲


My lovely wife Sarah in front of the Breadsall Priory in Derby, UK

Hi FitBlitz family! It’s been very quiet over here as ‘The Blind Sightseers’ (me and my lovely wife Sarah) have been away celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, at the amazing Breadsall Priory in Derby, UK! ❤️ So please be patient with me as i sort through the photos to try and create a post for you..And us, lol…It takes me ages but i’m working on it!

Don’t be fooled thinking it was relaxing though, lol…We had lots of FitBlitzing fun, fitness and food…There was a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, free weights room, weight machines room…And most of all (for me) a completely empty cardio room (yes i was the only one in there every time) for me to do my walking…Perfect!! 💪🏼 😀

he empty cardio gym at Breadsall Priory! 💪🏼

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❤️ Yay…It’s Our 15th Wedding Anniversary! ❤️

Hi all! Each time our wedding anniversary comes round, i can’t believe how much our marriage has grown more and more fruitful. Our love keeps blossoming through every season…And i always thank God for my lovely wife Sarah!! ❤️ Oh and i just had to show you the wedding cake…Unfortunately i didn’t have one made again for this anniversary, lol! 🤣

Our Wedding Cake…Mmmmm! 😋

Striving to be a Godly husband…

I strive daily to love Sarah biblically and extravagantly, but to love her biblically i always first ask “What is God’s love for us like?” 

God’s Word…📖

Husbands, you must love your wives so deeply, purely, and sacrificially that we can understand it only when we compare it to the love that Jesus Christ has for His bride, the church..

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails…” —1 Corinthians 13:4–8

Our Prayer…🙏

Father God, Thank You for the gift and design of marriage. Nothing has brought greater joy to me than the spouse You created for me. Because You designed my marriage and are the author, perfector, and the foundation of marriage, I bring us before You today to bless this bond. In a world that has twisted what marriage is intended to reflect, in a world that tries to tear at the very fabric of our union, we ask that You continue to keep our eyes wide open to the enemy’s tactics, strategies, and distractions. May we always fight for our marriage and each other. Today, we come before and ask that You bless our marriage…Amen.

A Godly Marriage Post…

The post (below) on marriage is beautiful and is writen far better than anything i can come up with, lol…So i hope you enjoy it as much as me! 🙏

A little nook in the very heart of God

(J.R. Miller, “The Marriage Altar” 1898)
God’s plan for every marriage is happiness. 

Marriage is meant to be a miniature of Heaven–a fragment of the celestial blessedness, let down into this world. 

Marriage is meant to be a little sanctuary, into which husband and wife may flee from earth’s storms and dangers, where in love’s shelter, their hearts fed with affection’s daily bread–they may dwell in quiet peace. 

Marriage is meant to be a shelter in which, covered from the frosts of the world and shielded from its cold and tempests–two lives may grow together into richest beauty, realizing their sweetest dreams of happiness, blending in whatever things are true, whatever things are pure, and attaining the finest possibilities of godly character. 

Marriage is meant to be a holy ark, floating on the wild floods of human life–like Noah’s ark on the deluge, bearing to Heaven’s gates, to the harbor of glory–the lives which God has shut within its doors. 

A godly marriage is a little nook in the very heart of God, where faithful souls are held close to the Father’s heart, and carried safely, amid dangers and sorrows, to the home above!

Trailblazing Tuesday: 20 Miles!! 😲


Hi FitBlitz family! Yesterday was a messy day of me fighting my body ‘Mr Lazy’ and only just managing to stay on my feet…But today i took the fight to him! I ‘FitBlitzed’ him with a flurry of 20 miles (yes 20, i can’t believe it either) and after 5 and a half hours of bombardment…he was knocked out for the count,lol! 💪🏼 🤣

It was a gruelling (yet beautiful) walk today, and it all went well without any dramas, accidents or animal attacks, yay! I managed to take a few photos on my travels and i was pleasantly surprised when i returned home having managed 20 miles without passing out, lol…That’s not too far off a marathon!! 😲

Let’s ‘FitBlitz’ 2022 together!! 💪🏼

Motivational Quote:..

Jess C. Scott

“A fit, healthy body — that is the best fashion statement.”

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Motivational Monday: A Yawning 7.5 Miles! 😴


Hi FitBlitz family! I can’t believe how much i was yawning this morning, i couldn’t even drag myself to get my walking (fighting) gear on, lol! 🤣 But with thanks to you all (i knew i had to write this post and you’d be holding me accountable) so i forced my way out on to the trail! I was fine once i was on the trail and i flew around at over 4 miles an hour…Yay i have a motivational Monday post for you, and hopefully you won’t nail me too much for trying to be lazy, lol! 🤣

Let’s ‘FitBlitz’ 2022 together!! 💪🏼

Motivational Quote:..

Jim Rohn

“You can either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

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🙌 June Time To Prune: -6lbs 💪🏼


Hi FitBlitz family! Yay, as you may be aware…I’m celebrating again for losing 6lbs in June! Also i managed to smash the 2 challenges set by my apple watch! 😀 All of my extra focus on walking more and eating more on point has payed off. 💪🏼

But there’s no time to slack off now…Let’s ‘Fly in July’ and annihilate July’s challenge badge, and hopefully i’ll lose another 6lbs…Ad Victorium! 💪🏼 😀

June Challenges Smashed…

July’s Challenge…Let’s Do This!! 💪🏼

Average 5.4 miles a day in July!

Motivational Quote…

“I will beat him. I will train harder. I will eat cleaner. I know his weaknesses. I know his strengths. I’ve lost to him before, but not this time. He’s going down. I have the advantage because I know him well. He is the old me.” 

Unknown, but i could’ve said it, lol! 🤣

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Photo Filled Thursday: 3 Miles & 16 Photos!


Hi FitBlitz family! After 3 mad days of speed and endurance building walks, it was nice to have time to perambulate (thanks word for today for a new word) around the trail today. I walked 3 miles at 3 miles per hour and thought i’d take lots of photos for you, and also enjoy myself instead of pushing the limits…Oh and it would finally give my legs a rest too! 😀

I made up a rule that meant i couldn’t take any photos of the trail in front of me, i could only take photos from my left, right or behind me…I thought it wouldn’t bore you too much and give you a slightly different perspective of the trail, lol! 🤣

It was really overcast today and the temperature had also dropped, so not many scintillating (thanks to the other word for today podcast) photos as they’d look much better…

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