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Walking Record Wednesday: Fantastic But Fatiguing! 💪🏼


Blindman Trail Marathon Training – Week 3 – Day 3 – 15.85 Miles…

Hi all. I can’t tell you how happy i am to have made it around 6 laps (15.85 miles) today. This is a life long personal record for non stop walking for me…Yet i’m so glad it’s over, lol! 🤣

Beta Blockers & Bendroflumethiazide…

I was a little worried about today’s attempt as not only do i have to fight ‘Beta Blocker’ medication but also ‘Bendroflumethiazide’ too. This is a diuretic which makes you want to pee to help lower blood pressure…But doesn’t help when you want to go for a long walk through the woods, lol! 🤣 Sorry to talk about this but i still can’t believe i made it for 15.85 miles for 4 hours 13 minutes non stop without needing to pee…Another victory for me and is just one more obstacle on this epic…

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Turbo Tuesday: Speed Walking! 💪🏼


Blindman Trail Marathon Training – Week 3 – Day 2 – 6 Miles…

Hi all. I decided to do today’s 6 miles at a faster pace of 4 miles per hour, this is apparently ‘Speed Walking’ but only just, lol. 🤣 It certainly felt like it to me, as being blind this feels like warp speed…I’m just glad i didn’t hit anything!

Walking at this pace helps improve fitness, endurance and strengthens legs and abdominal muscles…Who doesn’t need that, lol! 🤣

When i arrived home i heard an extra bing from my apple watch to say i’d won yet another award. Although it wasn’t much of a challenge this time, as i only had to complete a 20 minute walk and had 2 weeks to do it (my walk today was a 90 minute one)…But it still feels good to get another award for all of my efforts and muscle…

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Motivational Monday: Wards & Awards!


Week 3 – Day 1 – Blindman Trail Marathon Training…

Hi all, After spending all morning and most of the afternoon with Sarah up in London at the diabetic eye hospital…Just checking up on the not so good laser treatment they did in December (don’t get me started), there isn’t enough hours of daylight for me to get some mileage done today…But i do have a 6 mile walk tomorrow, Thurs & Friday…And a personal best 15 miles on Wednesday if i can manage it which should help put the miles back up this week. 🤣

But as today is ‘Motivational Monday’ i’d better give a little something to help motivate you, lol…So here are a couple of badges/awards my fitness app sounded to tell me i’d achieved them over the weekend!! 🎉Do you have a fitness tracker etc to help you? I’d love to know if you do and…

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Stupendous Steak Sunday: Sarah’s Special Steak! 😋


2 9oz sirloin steaks getting ready!

Hi all. After walking to the local butchers yesterday and getting 2 9oz sirloin steaks, my lovely wife Sarah prepared them and did her secret, special and tasty steak lunch with potatoes, 7 vegetables and her super secret mushroom sauce! Sorry i can’t get her to release any information on her secret recipes, lol! 🤣

I don’t have the hyperbole to tell you how tasty this meal was…And how jam packed full of protein it was. Protein is essential for keeping our hair, nails, skin, bones, cartilage and blood in good shape. It’s an important building block for increasing muscle mass and repairing tissues, and is also needed to create hormones, enzymes and other chemicals within the human body. It also has lots of iron and other micro nutrients too…Perfect! 💪🏼

A huge thanks to my lovely wife Sarah for this amazing meal!


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Flapjack Friday: Barriers & Chocolate Flapjacks! 😋


Week 2 – Day 5 – Trail Marathon Training…

Hi all, after yesterday’s trail closure setback i was a little hesitant to venture out this morning…Well as i held a hot fresh coffee (made by my lovely wife Sarah), it was 1˚C and i didn’t know if the trail would be open again, these were just some of the reasons i didn’t want to go out again this morning, lol! 🤣

When i did finally drag my lazy self out onto the trail…Yes you’ve guessed it…The dreaded barrier was still there!! 😨

I turned around again thinking i could do the trail backwards until i reach the other side of this barrier, then turn around and come back to get my mileage up for the day. Well i thought it sounded like a good idea until…The sun came out really bright with a nasty glare and i simply couldn’t stay…

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Thwarted Thursday: Trail Blocked!


Week 2 – Day 4 – Trail Marathon Training…

Hi all. After yesterday’s 13.5 miles my legs were still a little sore, so i wanted to just do a normal 6 miles today but at a really slow stroll to take care of my legs microtears. I was keeping a really slow pace (it’s really hard not to speed up) and i was walking around the first quarter of my route when…

I bumped straight into the road block (well path, lol) as i don’t notice anything is different until my nose is on it…But when i do i can stop very quickly…Thankfully, lol. I stopped for a moment and thought how i could get past it without damaging anything, then when i was satisfied that i just had to turn back and go home, i did just that…And then…

How on earth did this barrier get here i thought…

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Wow Wednesday: 13.5 Miles! 🎉


Week 2 – Day 3 – Trail Marathon Training…

Hi all. Wow that was hard…But i managed 5laps non stop in 3 hours 45minutes…That’s 13.5 miles which is just over a half marathon!! Yay i’m happy…Well now it’s over anyway, lol! 🤣

I bought a SIS (science in sport) energy gel for the first time last Saturday to try on my walks, it was orange flavour and was very tasty…It tasted like a orange lucozade but with a viscosity of thick custard…MMMM perfect for me as i love custard! I also had my fave – chocolate hob nobs with me too as they are simply delicious and work really well for me. I love all of this walking as i can eat and burn off my fave biscuits, cake and gels as i’m going round the laps…Win win, lol! 🤣

When i eventually arrived home i was greeted with another…

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Tough Tuesday: 6 hard miles


Week 2 – Day 2 – Trail Marathon Training…

Hi all. I don’t know if it was my beta blockers crushing my adrenal glands to the point of feeling comatose…Or the -1˚C freezing tempurature that was making me feel like staying in bed…Or am i just making excuses for not wanting to do another 6 miles today!

I did eventually ‘man up’ and drag myself out there, and once i did i started to feel better…Well after a few miles anyway once i’d warmed up, lol!

I finished my 6 miles in 1hour 34mins and was totally ready for my lovely warm fresh coffee made by my lovely wife Sarah. 💪🏼 😀

As it’s WEEK 2, DAY 2 of my 12 week trail marathon training plan, i’ll be increasing tomorrows walk to 14 miles from 12 miles last wee! I hope i feel much more lively tomorrow morning…I’m really not…

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Motivational Monday: 6 Miles And A Donation!! 🎉


Nice quiet and cloudy trail today

Hi all. Yay it’s a blistering 1˚C this morning, that’s almost tropical temperatures, lol! 🤣 It was also cloudy which is perfect conditions for me as there is no blinding (pun intended) sun to slow me right down…And it didn’t. I did the 6 miles and was 10 minutes faster getting home to my lovely coffee freshly made by my stupendous wife Sarah!

It was eerily quiet on the trail this morning so not too many people to crash into! I hope it doesn’t mean all of the “New Year Resolutioners” havn’t quit already?! Don’t get me started on how health and fitness is for life…Not something you start and stop Yoyo etc…Sorry rant over, lol! 🤣

And Then…A Donation…!

I was about 5.5 miles into my walk when the happy muppets theme tune started playing over my audiobook. I thought “No way it…

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Deep Freeze Friday: 6 Miles (35 Training Miles this week)! 💪🏼


Stew pond on my trail marathon route.

Hi all. i really didn’t want to let go o my lovely warm coffee this morning after checking the weather app…It said it was -2˚C but feels like -5˚C! 😨 I dragged myself towards the front door wearing my puffer jacket and bobble hat…My ears were not going to freeze off today, lol! 🤣 I managed the 6 freezing miles today which made a total of 35 training miles this week which was my goal of this 3 month marathon training plan!!! 🙌

More uphill on my trail marathon route!

I was out for around 1h 40mins and averaged 3.5 mph. This pace is good for me and also enables me to take a few photos on route, so you can hopefully enjoy some of this beautiful scenery too! 😲 😀

More bends on my trail marathon route.

Oh i forgot to say…When…

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Freezing Thursday: Yay 11 Ice Cold Miles! 💪🏼


The stew pond in the freezing frost on my trail marathon route!

Hi all. After checking the weather app yesterday it said there was a cold snap moving in until Sunday…It wasn’t joking, lol! 🤣 My lovely wife Sarah had made me another one of her fresh coffees and a slice of wholemeal toast with Grenade chocolate spread to fuel me on my journey…Mmmmmm! 😋 I knew i had 11 miles (4 laps of my trail marathon route) to complete today and i really didn’t want to go out…But i did and i nailed it and feel much better now i’ve done it! 💪🏼 😀

I was out for a little over 3 hours and didn’t have any dramas this time, only the amazingly bright sun again which melted my brains (drained so much of my mental strength just trying to figure out where i was going). Looking forwards to…

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Tune Up Tuesday: 6 Freezing Miles! 💪🏼


Today’s Trail Marathon Photo! 😀

Hi all. Wow it’s 0˚C again this morning and i really wished i’d done a summer trail marathon, lol…But where is the challenge in that! 🤣After a tasty slice of wholemeal toast with Grenade chocolate spread on top and a fantastic warm coffee…I managed to do another 6 miles again today, yay! I won’t be laughing for long though as i’ve got a 12 mile one to do tomorrow! 😨

Hope you have had a great time so far this year and you are either starting to set goals? Or you’re already smashing them?! 💪🏼 😀

“You do not rise to the occasion, you simply fall back to your level of training.”

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Motivational Monday: Thawing Out! ☕


Hi all. “Awww that’s better” i say whilst drinking a soothing hot fresh coffee made by my lovely wife Sarah. Even though it was -1˚C, white and frosty ground which was also slippy and blazingly bright sunshine burning my eyes…I still somehow managed to drag myself out of the front door and do my 6 miles today! 💪🏼 😀

I have 2 hats to choose from when i go out – A baseball cap with a nice long peak to stop the incredible sun, or a beanie hat that keeps my ears and head warm. I chose the baseball cap today as i needed to stop some of that intense glare…But my ears got frozen off! 😨 Which one would you have chosen? 🤔

Reading the messages you guys have written on my fundraising page always inspires and motivates me…And having to write one of these blog posts each time…

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That Popping Sound?! 😨


Muddy section of the trail marathon lap

Hi all. I hope the photo above (taken this morning) shows just how muddy this tiny section of my trail marathon lap really was?! As i was slopping through the mud i heard that loud popping sound, whilst at the same time feeling my shoe being ripped off from some monster underneath the mud!! 😨 Thankfully i was wearing my INOV8 X-Talen 190 trail shoes (Sarah bought them 4 years ago for the Tough Mudder) which fit like a glove and didn’t get ripped off…Phew! Otherwise it would have been a very sloppy, freezing and different outcome to my walk today. Just thought i’d share this with you guys…There’s always drama when this blindman decides to go out walking, lol! 🤣

Hope you’re having a great time so far this year and you are either starting to set goals? Or you’re already smashing…

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Getting Your Diet Mojo Back Permanently

🙏 💪🏼 😀

New Creations Ministries

It’s now the start of the “Diet-Season” whenmillionsenthusiastically begin a diet onJanuary 2nd and. . .usually fall off that bandwagon three weeks later. Why?

Failing on a diet plan is usuallynot because we don’t know what we should do.Most realizewe: 1. eat less 2.exercise more 3.slow down and 4. drink water, etc., etc. . . .Yet we failtime andtime again, even when we believe we are doing the right thing! That’s frustrating and self-defeating.

Weight loss ismuch morethanmere willpower. There is no magic formula. Since we are each uniquely created, it’s primarily an individually mental, physiological, and spiritual challenge. It’s also a matter ofunderstanding the scientific reasons behind the”why”we can self-destruct.

My book, “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese. . .” will make the perfect motivational New Year’s gift this year. It’s available for only $4.99 on

It’s not simply another diet book. With over 241…

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🙌 Happy fitblitz 2022! 💪🏼 😀


🙏 Brobdingnagian 2022! 😀

🙌 YAY…A BROBDINGNAGIAN NEW YEAR TO YOU!! We pray you have a monumental, inconceivable and definitely memorable time smashing your health and fitness goals in 2022…Love Steve & Sarah! ❤️💪🏼🍾🥂🎉😀☀️

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🙌 Hello! 😀

🎄 🙏 🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄 🙏 🎄


Still Walking, lol! 💪🏼 😀

Hi all! Just wanted to say a quick hello and hope you’re all smashing your health and fitness goals?! 💪🏼😀

Oh and it’s nearly Christmas so i hope you won’t forget to do some carb loading…To help towards fuelling your extra long walks…Obviously!! 💪🏼 🤣 🎄

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Go forth and be canceled

-Word- pictures by DLink

Today, a form of excommunication called “canceling” is taking place on the basis of opinions, not sin or a destructive lifestyle. A canceled person is shunned or snubbed when he or she offends the sensibilities of some group for cultural, political, or religious reasons. When Christians are canceled today for their biblical values and views, we find ourselves in good company. Jesus Himself experienced the ultimate form of cancelation by being crucified. The day is coming when those who hold biblical views will be canceled, even killed – as pictured by the persecution of the two witnesses in Revelation 11. The Antichrist will forbid the preaching of the Gospel during the Tribulation and “cancel” followers of Christ (Revelation 6:9). If you experience being “canceled” for your faith, take heart. It is nothing more than what Jesus predicted (John 15:20).

Commentary from the David Jeremiah Turning Points magazine and devotional, October…

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Struggling with Doubt? Here are 5 Important Truths to Remember

Amen. Thanks for great wisdom and encouraging Truths! 🙏 😀

Already Not Yet

Michael J. Kruger:

The great nineteenth century Baptist preacher, C.H. Spurgeon, once confessed: “On a sudden, the thought crossed my mind—which I abhorred but could not conquer—that there was no God, no Christ, no heaven, no hell, and that all my prayers were but a farce, and that I might as well have whistled to the winds or spoken to the howling waves.”

The above quote reminds us that nearly all Christians, even those who seem strong and confident, face periods of doubt about what they believe. Indeed, sometimes those doubts can swell up into a crisis of sorts. Even Spurgeon admitted his doubts were difficult to conquer.

So, how do we handle these doubts when they come? Or, how do we help others who admit they are struggling with what they believe? Here’s a five truths that can perhaps help us be more careful and more compassionate in…

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😲 I’ve found Ruck Marching/rucking/Yompping..etc!


Me and my princess Sarah backpack, lol!

Hi all. I’ve been a little quiet around here over the last few weeks…But i’ve now found ‘Ruck Marching’. Some of you may have seen this coming as i do lots of walking through my local trail, but i seriously didn’t see it! I’ve always loved rucksacks (i have a few) and i’ve always loved the armed forces as i have family who have served and are still serving to this day.

As you know i don’t run at all as i’m always on my own, and my eyes just go crazy even at slow walking speeds never mind jogging or running. I’ve managed to do 14.6 miles in 4 hours (my longest non stop walk so far) whilst training for my ‘Blindman Trail Marathon’ in April 2022. Now i’m upping my walks with loaded marching and taking my walks to new heights…

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Yay…My MS Society T-Shirt! 🤣

Yesterday my lovely wife Sarah came out on the trail with me, and she took some photos of me wearing the amazingly bright t-shirt the MS Society gave me to help promote their great charity during my trail marathon training! It was freezing cold and raining but that didn’t stop us…Until it proper chucked it down and we had to get home fast, lol! 💪🏼 😀 

It is not your work that He wants most–it is you!

It is not your work that He wants most–it is you!

(J.R. Miller, “The Glory of the Commonplace”)

LISTEN to audio!  Download audio
(You will find it helpful to listen to the audio above, as you read the text below.)

“Arise, My darling, My beautiful one, and come with Me!” Song of Songs 2:10 

“He said to them: Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place” Mark 6:31 

G. Campbell Morgan tells of a friend of his who had a little daughter that he dearly loved. They were great friends, the father and daughter, and were always together. But there seemed to come an estrangement on the child’s part. The father could not get her company as formerly. She seemed to shun him. If he wanted her to walk with him, she always had something else to do. The father was grieved and could not understand what the trouble was. 

His birthday came and in the morning his daughter came to his room, her face radiant with love, and handed him a present. Opening the parcel, he found a pair of exquisitely made slippers.

The father said, “My child, it was very good of you to buy me such lovely slippers.” 

“O father,” she said, “I did not buy them–I made them for you!”

Looking at her he said, “I think I understand now, what long has been a mystery to me. Is this what you have been doing for the last three months?”

“Yes,” she said, “but how did you know how long I have been at work on them?” 

He said, “Because for three months I have missed your company and your love. I have wanted you with me–but you have been too busy. These are beautiful slippers–but next time buy your present, and let me have you all the days. I would rather have my child herself, than anything she could make for me.”

Just so, we are in danger of being so busy in the Lord’s work that we cannot be enough with the Lord in love’s fellowship. He may say to us, “I like your works, your toils, your service–but I miss the loveyou gave Me at first.” 

There is real danger that we get so busy in striving to be active Christians, so absorbed in our tasks and duties, our efforts to bring others into the church–that Christ Himself shall be less loved, and shall miss our communing with Him. 

Loyalty to Christ means first of all devotion. Has Christ really the highest place in your heart? It is not your work that He wants most–it is you! It is beautiful to do things for Him, it is still more beautiful to make a home for Him in your heart. 

A young man, at great cost, brought from many countries the most beautiful materials he could find, and built an exquisite little chapel as a memorial to his dead wife. Only a few men could do anything so rare, so lovely. But the poorest of us can enthrone Jesus in our hearts–making a little sanctuary in our hearts for Him.

“Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love!” Revelation 2:4

iReminisce: Group B

me and Sahar in front of the beautiful Corsican hills

Bonjour mes amis (Good Morning My Friends

No way we’re in Corsica! My lovely wife Sarah is going to kill me for ruining this post with another of my digressions…But my fave cars of all time raced here and i can’t contain myself….Yes it’s Group B rally cars!  

Awwww i can hear that ferocious engine sound (and the monster dump valve) of one of my favourite cars…The Lancia Delta S4. It had an Abarth-designed supercharged and turbocharged 500bhp 1.8-litre engine, it could hit 60mph in just over two seconds…And this was 1986! 

But…After a fatal accident (here in Corsica) Group B rally cars were banned and a FISA investigation later proved that drivers’ reactions were too slow to keep up with Group B cars, and drivers’ eyes could not adjust their focus between the fast corners, which caused tunnel vision. Now that’s fast…And insane!! 

They said the cars had so much raw power but with little containment…I have a wife like that, lol! Sorry Sarah! 🤣  

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iReminisce: The Original Olympic Start Line

The start line…

I thought the heat was blistering already but it didn’t prepare me for the inferno when we walked underneath the archway and onto the track. 🔥🔥

Sarah said “Steve you’ve got to get a photo of me at the original olympic start line! I’ve only been out of my aircast for a few weeks and it would make a great photo…Zena (Sarah’s friend) will comment straight away and tell me off, lol (she did). 😀  

“Here goes” i said “No pressure at all for this shot…It’s only a one off picture” But it worked and Sarah looks fantastic! Sarah had gone for months with an aircast, and now seeing her on the start line looking like a true olympian was another emotional moment for me. She really is my warrior princess wife! ❤️❤️❤️ 

Sarah doing a

View our full day in Olympia

😨 Ouch!!


Hi Readers. After a night of strong winds and even stronger rain, i decided to go out for 1 lap of the marathon course (over 3 miles including getting to the track from my house) as it was my day off so i only need a little bit of exercise to keep me going! 🤣

It was going so well until…PPhhhwwaacckk, then Ouch! First my shin cracked against the lower branch, just as my finger crunched against the upper branch..This made me jump quite a bit, lol. First i didn’t see it coming, second i was just starting the half mile uphill section of my trail so i had a little momentum going…And third i just thought what has just happened?? 🤔

At first i thought it was a tough mudder obstacle that’d suddenly appeared…Or it was a secret gate that had popped up from the ground, all i knew…

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iReminisce: The Unimog

The 1961 Yellow Unimog…

Awww friends….Let me introduce you to this Yellow, 1961 Unimog…..have you seen the tires, lol! It threw us around like crazy and i still can’t believe that he didn’t slow down for anything. There is no way a vehicle can hit rocks, huge pot holes, climb cracked hills and go around tight bends whilst travelling at break neck speed, it would have destroyed anything else and left them in a pile of spare parts, lol. I’m not sure they issued these with brake pedals! 😎

Sarah & i infront of the yellow 1961 Uniog

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Sharp truth



Hiding hatred makes you a liar; slandering others makes you a fool. Proverbs 10:18 NLT

Is there any who can not see themselves in these words, at one time or another?

God’s Word cuts through our excuses for ungodly behavior and reveals the truth of what these attitudes are:

lies and foolishness.

Rather, we must be on guard against allowing such things in our lives and be quick to repent when they are discovered among us.

For our tongues are to be under submission to the Lord Jesus.

When they are not we bring ridicule to our Savior.

James 3:9-10 NKJV — With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so.

If we are followers of Christ Jesus…

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iReminisce: Surf & Smile

Back at the dock…🛳 

After a short boat ride back to the ship, we had enough time to get changed, leave our bags and have a well needed iced-coffee before heading out to explore as much as we can without getting lost before the ship leaves.

We walked up one street and turned right before Sarah stopped and said “Wow, she’s having her photo taken in front of that cool wall art/sign. Quick get one of me” “Ok my lovely, you’re wearing your new yellow Michael Kors t-shirt too, i hope i get everything in”. Sarah had bought this t-shirt for our holidays and couldn’t wait to put on the lovely bright colours and flowers.

Sarah stood on a surf board in her new yellow Michael Kors t-shirt.

 This is one of my fave photos as it shows Sarah’s smile is as bright as her t-shirt. 

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iReminisce: The Coconut Cake

Speightstown, Barbados…

And speaking of lovely architecture and colonial towns, your first stop is at Speightstown. Here you’ll enjoy seeing historic buildings and beautiful tropical beaches.

The tour guide kept talking about the PRC Bakery at our first stop, and said she was going in to get something for the trip. “OOohhhh maybe we could get a small cake for your birthday” “Yes let’s follow her and see what goodies they have?” As we walked in to the little bakery the guide said “Oh yes a lead pipe” as she picked one up and went to pay for it. “What’s a lead pipe?” i said to the guide “It’s a local cake but it can be used as a weapon too as it’s very heavy”. Sarah then passed me a bag with a cake in and said hold this “Wow this weighs about the same as a 16lb bowling ball” “everything is so heavy in here, nothing has fluffy cream like in England as it would melt instantly, lol”.

Sarah told the baker that we loved coconut and did e have anything with coconut in them? We only got 1 coconut slice as we didn’t know how sweet it was or even if we liked it?! 😋   

Me stood outsede the shop holding the coconut slice with my thumb sticking up and a big grin on my face!

 I never (ever) stop talking about this coconut slice as it’s the nicest cake i’ve ever tasted! The bell on the ‘Blind Sightseers Gastronomic Leaderboard’ was destroyed as this flew to the top of the cakes list! If i’d have known i would’ve stayed in the bakery and continued to eat every single last one of them! But we only had that one and we’ve never been able to go back since this monumental occasion. Oh yes…This monumental occasion is my lovely wife Sarah’s birthday! 🤣

View our full day (Sarah’s Birthday) in Barbados

iReminisce: The St Maarten Necklace

The smell of the locals cooking on the market was amazing, but Sarah had found a sweet little craft stall. The lady created items from the coral found off the shores St Maarten. “Oooooh, i could have a necklace made from St Maarten”. I knew that to mean “i’m getting one, i just don’t know which one yet?!” 🤣  

close up photo of Sarah's neckolace she bought fromm a market stall in Marigot, St Maarten

⇧ Sarah’s St Maartens Coral Necklace ⇧  

Sarah really was starting to feel at home here,  but we had to get back to the bus! We enjoyed our stop in Marigot, and we said we’d love to spend a week here to investigate more! ☀️ 😀 

View our full day in St Maarten

iReminisce: The Blind Sightseers 1st Cruise

Sarah  i in Caribbean

⇧ Me & Sarah at St Kitts ⇧ 

From stunning, breathtaking views, horse riding in paradise, dancing with dolphins, River paddle boat trip, various island bus tours, 4×4 volcano ride, cable cars, OH…. and Sarah’s medical emergency in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, it’s been an unbelievable few weeks on our cruise holiday to the Caribbean, Azores & Spain (2015). 😲  

Please join us (The Blind Sightseers) on this incredible journey:

Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 1 ~ London – Jamaica

iReminisce: Ilfracombe, Devon

A black and white photo of ilfracombe bay

A photo taken from our new years eve (Dec 2011) holiday with friends (Rob, Shelley, Tom, Abbie & Ella)  in Ilfracombe, Devon, England, UK. It was very windy and very wet! We had a fantastic time as the holiday home was overlooking this bay so we enjoyed lots of coastal walks and enjoyed local restaurants.

 Camera used – iPhone 4s (as it was raining i was too scared to take out my DSLR’s) 😨 

#5 Trail Marathon Training – Another 4 Laps, Coffee & New Records! 🙌


Hi readers…As it’s “Walking Wednesday” it’s time to go for another lifetime personal best…It’s my quest to get a little stronger each week and prepare myself for the monumental challenge! 😲 

Motivational Quote…💪🏼 

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”

This is written on the back of my INOV8 T-Shirt! i wear to motivate me!🤣

Walk Stats wed 13th Oct 2021

Yay i managed another 4 (and a bit)  laps today in the freezing cold and the blinding sun, and i’ve also smashed my lifelong personal best record from last week! I walked non stop for 11.28 miles which is better than last weeks 10.79 miles!! 💪🏼 

My lovaly wife Sarah made me one of her strong coffees before my walk, and i had a couple of slices of “Elwood Blues” toast (although i have 7 seed wholemeal and not white, lol). During my walk i didn’t stand still once and i even ate…

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iReminisce: V8

Pickup Truck

While on holiday last year in Hunstanton, Norfolk I kept hearing a fat american V8 driving around the town, and one day it was parked up so I could snap it with my camera! 😲  

My friends dad always had american cars  and vans and I’ve enjoyed them for most of my life, so I was excited when I could finally put a picture to that beautiful sound. 😀 

Camera Used ~ iPhone 4s

From The Archives: Draftin’

Draftin Logo

 My Thoughts 💭 

is your heart causing a ‘draft’ over people?
Are you the ice cold draft that puts a chill into people even before you meet? If someone were to say your name does it make them sigh and say “Oh no I haven’t got the energy.” Or does your name bring a smile to their face as they can’t wait to meet up again. 
Or…Are you a draft project?
Not quite finished or ready to be published yet, a broken toy forgotten on a shelf complaining because you feel your days are over. Are you sat waiting to bury your dead? waiting for your inheritance which you think will heal you. Then, and only then you decide to let Jesus walk alongside you…But NEVER in front!
Or…Do you create a backdraft?
Are you opening doors you know you shouldn’t be opening? Are you letting the flames consume you and pollute your mind??
Or…are you draftin’? 
Are you letting Jesus lead? Are you following really close behind as he pulls you along, while leaving you with the energy to help others and become your own draft? 🙏 😀 

Motivational Monday: Coffee & Cake By The Lake 😋

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Hi readers! I hope you’ve smashed your health and fitness goals for last week?…And i hope you’re ready to take them to new heights this week?! 😀 

Yay it’s “Motivational Monday”, and i’ve managed to earned some more badges for smashing my health and fitness goals! 💪🏼 😀

Motivational Quote…💪🏼

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated” – This is written on the back of my INOV8 T-Shirt! 🤣

After a hard week of doing at least 1 lap each day, i managed to hit my health and fitness goals for last week. I try to hit a personal best once a week, and on the other days i try an do at least 1 lap to hit my 10,000 steps for a normal day. 😀 

I love weekends as i get to walk around the trail lap with my lovely wife Sarah…

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😲 Wow…Look What The Blind Sightseers Have Just Found??

Please click this logo to view the ablenet website


Our Mission…

Our mission is quite simple: we want to get more disabled and visually impaired people enjoying new, fun and exhilarating activities. We want to help people with disabilities feel confident that they can enjoy the same activities and life experiences as someone without a disability.

 Hi readers!

Just guess how excited i am right now?? 🤣

I have just stumbled onto the ablenet website and found this…?

Please click the Lamborghini Giado to view the ablenet facebook page

⇧ All images supplied by the ablenet facebook page ⇧ 

Are you ready for the drive of your life for an astonishing 6 miles each per Supercar? 

If you love supercars and are visually impaired, our ‘3 Supercar Blind Driving Experience Super Thrill’ is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. It is the best way to get to you in your favourite supercars and experience the peed, and thrill, of a high-performance beast.

Yes, it is true. Whatever your level of visual impairment, you can drive a Supercar with Ablenet. All of the cars are automatic and a super skilled instructor will guide you around the track whilst having access to a footbrake should it be necessary.

So, whether it’s a Lamborghini, Ferrari F430 spider, Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8, Nissan GTR or Porsche 911/997, we put you with the largest fleet of cars in the UK for you to choose from. The hardest part is choosing…

The great benefit to driving on a race circuit is feeling the pure power of an awesome car. You will be with a professional instructor who will teach you the art of driving.

The experience also includes a thrilling hot lap ride when the race driver will show you what a performance car can do around the circuit. Typically in a BMW M3 V8 saloon car or Vauxhall VXV8, both with 3 passengers.

Since going blind at 25 (21 years ago) i’ve been waiting for someone to give the blind a truly accessible experience like the ones ablenet offer! I’ve always said “i can still drive…I just can’t see where i’m going”. 🤣 
I’ve always loved cars as when i was fully sighted i worked in a bodyshop as a panel beater and used to customise cars etc…Even my own! My dad, uncles and my cousins have always been mechanics in the motor trade so i’ve grown up with cars too. So when i stumbled onto their website, i just exploded with passion to drive a supercar or 3, lol! 
Sorry for sounding like a group b rally car “too much raw power with little containment”…But getting involved and trying out all of the experiences on the ablenet website is like a dream come true for me. 😀   
Other experiences for the visually impaired by ablenet…
Flying a plane, diving with sharks, shooting, archery, skiing, indoor sky diving and much more…Wow i think me and Sarah are going to have some fearful fun! 🤣💪🏼 😨 

#4 Trail Marathon Training – Another 4 Laps & New Records! 🙌


Hi readers…As it’s “Walking Wednesday” it’s time to go for another lifetime personal best! 😲 

Wed 6th Oct 2021 stats

Motivational Quote…💪🏼

“You do not rise to the occasion, you simply fall back to your level of training.”

Yay i managed another 4 laps today in the blinding sun, and i’ve also smashed my previous lifelong personal best! I walked non stop for 10.79 miles!! I didn’t stand still once and i even ate and drank on the move too…To say i’m happy is an understatement!

New Exercise Record…🙌

New Exercise Record 6th Oct 2021

New Move Record…🙌   

Move Record 6th Oct 2021

 New Walking Workout Record…🙌  

Walking workout record 6th Oct 2021

I managed this walk in just over 3 hours and i’m very happy with the 17’12”/Mile pace. As long as i stay under 18’18”/Mile i’ll finish under 8 hours which is my goal…Well just finishing the trail marathon would be amazing at this stage, lol! 🤣 

Motivational Quote…💪🏼 

Do the hard work now so that…

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🙌 Yay…I Think I’ve Solved It! 💪🏼


Hi all…Its time to celebrate as i think i’ve finally (after about a year) solve the problem of THE left hand corner, that i’d kept missing again and again whenever the sun is out!! 💪🏼 

This nemesis kept fighting me all the way through the ‘Ultra Step Challenge’ i did during advent 2020…And it has kept fighting me during my training now for my ‘Blindman Trail Marathon’…Until now! 🙌

I’ve finally realised that once i’ve taken the apex of this left hander below…I say taken the apex but i mean, when the bush on the left smashes against my left side…It sounded much too clean before and i don’t want you thinking that this is easy! 🤣

Start Counting

I start counting my steps until i hit 90 then i veer off to the left. I’ve only tried this this morning and it worked (i didn’t…

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From The Archives: The Finish Line

Hi all…This is my first post from my ‘From The Archives’ series, i hope you enjoy reading some of the classics, lol?! 😀 

The Finish Line…

As a blind gamer, i was excited to be recommended(by my brother) a brand new racing game called “Project Cars” for the PS4. I’m able to attempt to play a few racing games, If they include Grand Prix tracks, i can often remember each corner from my sighted gaming days, playing F1 97 etc. 

When i sat down to play for 15 minutes last night, i was surprised to be taught a lesson on being over zealous, while lacking wisdom! 🙂

A close up photo of the amazing Ford Capri Touring Car

⇧ Screenshot of my 1980 Capri (Group 5 – Team Zakspeed) ⇧ 

I chose the rather extreme Capri to drive and chose a familiar track. After leaving the pits i span off on nearly every corner as my tyres were cold and not up to race temperatures. An influx of thoughts filled my mind,….

Over Zealous…

It reminded me of when i first became a Christian and first had revelation of the Truth when reading the Bible. I couldn’t believe what i was reading, and how it described me…yes me! I then did what normally happens, and become over zealous like a screaming twin turbo engine and had to tell everyone, and point out the right and wrongs with everything and everyone around me! 

I was making a lot of noise and using a lot of power and energy,  but was lacking something vital, i failed to slowly warm up the tyres of Godly Wisdom!

As we mature, and grow in step with the Holy Spirit, we are given all we need to finish the race. And when we get the balance right, we can stay on track until the end, and if our tyres stay hot, even the storms won’t be able to slow us down! 🙂

Making Doughnuts…

photo of a racing sierra cosworth with smoking tyres doing doughnuts at Donington race track

⇧ Screenshot of my 1988 Sierra RS500 Cosworth (Group A) ⇧ 

After selecting “Donington”, my home town track in Derby, i decided to take the Sierra Cosworth for a ride. I stopped to make some doughnuts, and thought “Here we go again, all that power and energy…and i’m just going round in circles”.

🙏 I want to thank God for not leaving us in the pits! But instead He empowers  instructs and steers us towards the finish line! 😀 

September’s Trail Marathon Training: Full Progress Report! 💪🏼


Hi all! This is a super long post but it gives a great summary of my progress through September as i slowly attack the trail and increase my mileage and strength! I hope you enjoy the monthly updates?! 💪🏼 😀 🙌 

3rd September 2021…New walking workout record! 😲  

544Kcal badge

Hi all! I really didn’t expect this badge today! 🤔 

After a rest day yesterday, i started another 2 laps of my trail through the woods as part of my ‘Trail Marathon’ training, ready for my MS Society Trail Marathon on 24 April 2022.. I’m going to try 3 laps next week to try an increase my endurance! 😨 

When i returned tired and hungry, i checked out my lap times, elevation etc…And guess what??? I’d won this badge for burning 1 more calorie than Wednesdays 2 lap walking record badge. I’d say that was pretty consistent and now that’s what i call progress…

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Memorising My Trail Marathon Track! 😨


The Corkscrew

Hi all! I’m going to ask you to engage your imagination to the max, before you make the link i’m suggesting for the first corner that i’ve named today on my trail marathon track, lol! 🤣

The photo (above) in no way shows the rough incline which pops your hip out if you hit it wrong (done it a few times), but as i walk up it (not down like the race track) i always think about ’The Corkscrew’ at Laguna Seca. 😲  

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca – From Wikipedia

The famous Turn 8 and 8A combination, popularly referred to as ‘the Corkscrew’, is considered one of the motorsport world’s most challenging turns, due to the 18-metre drop in elevation as well as its blind crest and apex on the uphill approach.

Memorising race tracks…🤔  

Since playing ‘Le Man 24Hr’, ‘Pole Position’, ‘Outrun’ and many more in the arcades…

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