Update #1 On ‘Join Me In Prayer For Sarah’

Riding The Wave Of Prayers

 First i have to thank all of you amazing loving people for the show of extravagant love to me and Sarah. We’ve been simply overwhelmed with your prayers, kindness and love through this journey.

The Plan…

The plan was set. Go to the chemist to get pain killers (Sarah is not allowed d to leave the house for a few days), nip into the doctors to sort out a sick note for the next two weeks, then go for a [Cortado’ coffee at Costa at the train station with half an hour to enjoy our new fave coffee (mainly keep Sarah as relaxed as possible), then Sarah can put her last eye drops in before we catch the 11:04 train that will get us to Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London ready for the operation. 

The Hypo…

This was all going well up until Sarah had locked herself in the toilet by passing out with a hypo. The idea was that she went in to put in her eye drops as we still had 15 minutes until the train arrives (the platform is about 1 minute away from the coffee shop. As i was stood outside the door while staff kept walking past suspicious of the weird man lurking around the toilets. With 5 minutes left i knocked on the door, with the sound of the music and the coffee machines i could just make out what i thought was Sarah. Then as i realised too much time had passed and we’d missed our train i asked one of the passing staff if they could open the door as i think my wife is having a hypo. Sarah had know her blood was creeping down and she had a biscuit and sugar in her coffee but she felt and seemed ok.

I opened the door to find Sarah in a zombie like state (the only description i can find that closely resembles a hypo) not knowing where she was, what she was doing or where we were going! I’d like to state at this point that we only really had one must do for this morning, and that was to try and keep Sarah’s blood sugar stable as they won’t operate if it’s too high, low or on the move. I prayed:

“Jesus, There is no way they can operate now, i did my best but i don’t know if there’s another train, if Sarah can even stand up, never mind walk,  and Sarah’s blood sugar always ends up too high after a hypo and we always have a long struggle getting it back down. i hand it all to you, please help”.

I got Sarah to her feet and she could just about stand up without her knees giving way. We managed to leave the coffee shop and after catching Sarah from behind as she started to fall back down the platform steps (i was behind trying to push her up) we finally got to the platform. This is where Sarah normally guides me as she knows the trains. Usually the trains are announced, but today there were none, but a train arrived straight away and we got on anyway. I told Sarah to just sleep on my shoulder and hope that this train is going the right way! The inside train announcement only said which station it was pulling up to and not the stations of the full journey. 

Sarah woke and asked “where are we?” “I’m not sure, but i hope it stops at Clapham Junction”. Then a few minutes later we arrived at Clapham Junction. We then walked to the other platform and a train was waiting there too. We finally arrived at the day surgery unit a couple of minutes before the 12:30 appointment.

Sarah did a blood test and it was 8.6 which is really good for her, but we knew that it often goes into the 20’s after a hypo and there’s no way they’ll operate if it goes any higher or continues to rise. Sarah went in around 13:00 but there were 4 people before her, I stayed in the waiting room.

The Waiting Room

I wanted to update everyone but i’d never used the mobile WordPress app to post before, so i kept the post “Praying in waiting room for Sarah” short so i could begin praying. I started with my voiceover reading all of your prayers, i prayed through each comment individually about 2 times each from the 1st post “Please Join Me In Prayer For Sarah” then i had about an hour of personal prayer before loving sister Janet would arrive to drive us home.

The Operation

Sarah’s op happened around 16:30, her blood sugar stayed perfectly stable at 6.8 the whole time! (Amazing!) Her main worry was the really painful needle that she sees going into her eye and it feels like her eyeball is bursting out of her face! I need to quote Sarah at this point:

“I felt a real peace i’d not felt before, i knew everyone was praying for me and i knew God was with me the whole time. I felt no pain at all with the needle and the surgeon was surprised how well the operation went. I also heard him say:

‘There are always bubbles in this (not sure what he was talking about) always bubbles, but there aren’t any at all, i can’t explain it?!’ 

The Next Morning

I’m typing this post Saturday morning  at 11am while Sarah is sleeping. I’d like to thank you all once again for giving time in prayer and the loving encouraging comments that helped us through this amazing journey (and still help us as we read back through them). I’ll update again soon.

Sarah said to me this morning:

I felt like the whole day you had your arms around me, and God had his arms around both of us!

About Steve

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

18 Responses to “Update #1 On ‘Join Me In Prayer For Sarah’”

  1. Thank You Lord Jesus.

  2. I’ve been absent for a few dys, and I pray Sarah has improved. I feel that she Is in the hands of Our Lord. He will keep her, have no doubt: both of you Are In His Hands.

  3. Praying, praying, praying…what a testimony.

  4. God is good all the time and He is in control. I’m so glad that things worked out for you. I will continue praying for her (and you)

  5. Praising God for answered prayers!!

  6. Thank for the update. Sorry about Sarah’s hypo. That can be scary. My hubby has issues with that & I don’t like it one bit.
    Happy to hear that all went smoothly with the surgery.
    May recovery go smooth & well too.

  7. Steve, I’m so sorry I missed the excitement…but very thankful for the faithful ones who prayed for you…and for our wonderful Father who hears when we call.


  8. Giving thanks for God’s Goodness to you and Sarah during this challenging time!

  9. Thank you, God, for helping Sarah and Steve. Sounds like a very nerve-wracking experience for both of you before and during. But God did hold you in His arms!! May he continue to do so. Hugs to you both and more prayers, Ellen

  10. Steve, I understand Sarah’s dilemma, as I am an insulin dependent diabetic. When one has a severe hypo (low blood sugar), the bodies response is
    a 24 hour cycle of high Blood glucose levels followed by another low b.g. level. So you are absolutely correct in assuming that the Lord held her. Thank you Jesus, for your incredible tenderness for our friend, Sarah. Jesus please hold Steve and Sarah throughout their path to wellness, all to the gory of Your Name.

    FYI: A good way to keep the blood glucose level steady is to combine a light carbohydrate with a protein (cracker and peanut butter) or sugar-free yogurt. If you can get BG Glucose tablets, they fit in a purse and are good at quickly bringing up a hypo, if you cannot get to orange juice quickly.

    I have been a ‘guinea pig” test patient for the US National Institutes of Health’s Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) for over 20 years and have learned some good tricks along the way.

    God bless you, and keep you.
    Jesus I pray send Your angels to surround Steve, Sarah and their family while they rest in Your care. Thank You for guiding them throughout their pre and post surgery journeys. We trust in Your holy Name. We are eternally grateful that You love us enough to care for and count every hair on our heads. In Jesus Name, I pray.


  11. Awesome!! God is good and may He perfect Sarah’s healing. Amen. You both have lovely and restful weekend. God bless you!

  12. Great stuff bro! Love you both so much and I’m glad it went well. Will call you on Monday for an update. xx

  13. What an amazing testimony! Glory to God!

  14. Steve God Bless you and Sarah for all your strength and pure faith, you are both such incredible examples of how trusting in the Lord and allowing him complete control over your lives will bring miracles. Thank you!

  15. Reblogged this on Prayers and Promises and commented:
    God heard and answered our prayers! Thank you Jesus!

  16. Praise The Lord!!! \(^_^)/

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