Being Alive & Being Dead!

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“Too many Christians are content with appearing to be a bit more moral than the people around them. But the difference between a true Christian and a non-Christian is not about subtle moral distinctions—it’s the difference between being alive and being dead!”

Francis Chan, You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity

About Steve Rebus

Christian, Blind photographer, husband, plays guitar and drums. Loves researching accessible apps and technology.

4 Responses to “Being Alive & Being Dead!”

  1. Throughout the Bible GOD warned his people not to mix with those who worshiped false gods or they would be like them…still Christians are mixing hot with cold and creating a lukewarm ineffective, compromising Christianity. That’s not worthy of our King! Sin is still sin. We yearn to love like HE does and that includes calling it as it is.

  2. I love this!!!!!!
    There is a quote that I’m sure that you’ve heard…. Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you. That resonated deeply with me when I first heard it. I’ve been divorced because of legitimate reasons and yet it is has always been hard for me to move past the guilt of that. I think that we all need to daily fall on our knees and (sometimes me on my face) but I think that the ones who judge who is lukewarm and who is not, who is a sinner and who is not, is in more danger than the ones who don’t. Because I always try to not be lukewarm in regard to anything ever…. but I always feel as if I am failing. God help us all when we think we have arrived. So true the only difference is death! Again…. loved this!

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