Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace 1

Hampton Court Palace 2

Hampton Court Palace Secret Garden

Hampton Court Palace 3


Photos taken on my one and only trip to Hampton Court Palace (a few years ago now!) 😀

Hampton Court Palace is a royal palace in the London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesGreater London, and the historic county of Middlesex; it has not been inhabited by the British Royal Family since the 18th century. The palace is located 11.7 miles (18.8 kilometres) south west of Charing Cross and upstream of central London on the River Thames. It was originally built for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, a favourite of King Henry VIII, circa 1514; in 1529, as Wolsey fell from favour, the palace was passed to the King, who enlarged it……read more


Camera usedFuji F10


About Steve

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

11 Responses to “Hampton Court Palace”

  1. They’re so amazing.

    • Thanks so much! I am glad you are still enjoying my photos & blog! God bless you. 😀

      • Can I ask how you do it if you can’t see? I don’t want to come off as being really offensive. I know it’s a God talent but how do you know which angle and all that? Your photos really are testimonies of God in your life. I flip through what you post on my reader, just don’t always get the time to listen to everything or check everything out properly.

        • Not offensive at all, With the small amount of sight i have (only 4-5% of blind people are completely blind) i struggle but persevere with massive amounts of screen zoom on my 27″ iMac, using a combination of zoom with Voiceover screenreader i sit with my face almost touching the screen, then i try and do simple edits to my photos (cropping and Black & white effects as i am colour blind too etc..)
          I have no central vision at all which means i can’t see enough to read print & everything in front of me disappears including people! lol, i have slight tunnel vision too and the remaining bit of sight i have left is really really blurry!
          I really don’t know why i get some of the composition or lines right as i have had no training or done any courses. I am truly as surprised as you!! 😀
          Its almost impossible to describe what i see but i hope this helps you understand a little more. Please keep asking questions about anything! I love answering them, even tricky ones like this! lol 😀

          • Thanks for replying. I had come across a photograph of a blind photographer from India once through the galleries of CNN and was so impressed by it and now by you, too. I love that you really are proving that what seems impossible to many is not impossible to God. My husband is also a fan of yours and he was the one who really wanted to know how you do it. Thanks for sharing what God can do through people if they let Him. Blessings, friend. PS: I love technology too, isn’t it great?

            • Thanks , it is almost impossible to try and describe my vision, even after i was fully sighted for 24 years i struggle to find the words. For me it is the best time to live in history if you are blind as the technology is fantastic. I’ve been registered blind for 13 years now and in just that time technology has transformed my life from beind dependent on people to becoming independent with the help of assistive technology, and its just getting better each year!!
              I still find it weird that i could impress anyone with my photos, so thanks to you and your husband for being impressed and encouraging me to continue with it! 😀

              • Keep doing what you’re doing. You have no idea how many you’re touching through it. 🙂

                • Awwww thanks so much! I get really excited just knowing that you are enjoying viewing my photos, so when unseen others start to enjoy them its just amazing! Thanks again for the continued encouragement, it means so much when such an experienced woman of God starts to help me along my journey! I’m so blessed! 😀 I’m praying for your move and for the next chapter in your ministry! So inspiring.

                  • Thanks for praying and your kind words but honestly, I don’t think anyone of us is “experienced” in God. We are all in the learning mode and walking together in the process, all with different callings and giftings. For too long, I’ve learned what it felt like to not have encouragement, and how helpful it is to have encouragement to keep walking and growing, so I want others to know that they matter, that what they do is important and they are touching people with what their gifts are. Many blessings. 🙂

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