NaPoWriMo Day 11

The Dynamic Force

Self-Control; arch enemy of the modern soul
Nemesis of fun, cork in the blow-hole
Call of the loser, so we fit the mould
Set the world to cruise control and let the good times roll

Who slipped in; breached border control
Which fallen beings broke parole
Spiked the punchbowl and burned the sacred scroll
We bent to drink and got ambushed at the water-hole

Now, what’s the goal of your eternal soul
A future role or sticking your finger in the ozone-hole
Take control, there’s no entry to the book of life by deed-poll
Don’t trade the gift of life to dance around some totem pole

So what, you got rich, piled up stacks of gold
But your heart became a black-hole, like charcoal
Burnt to dust and sprinkled on the steps of shoel
Enrol? I wouldn’t touch it with a barge-pole

Self-control is king, the way to roll

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About Ben

I follow Jesus Christ - bringing my life with all it's issues and desiring to be transformed. Sometimes it's wonderful, other times it's really challenging and not too much fun. The world can be hostile, my own mind and body are often hostile but regardless I push on, sometimes failing but trusting in God. I love God and I would give (up) anything (I hope) to do what He wants. That story consists of a journey, and that journey is where I find myself - looking to play my part in His plan.

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