Money – Part 1

NaPoWriMo Day 24

The Dynamic Force

Help me understand – Does it exist, this paper promised land
Just because you can hold it in your hand; slips through like sand
Green and white rectangles; the numbers say ‘five hundred grand’
But when I got there, at the checkpoint as planned – it was empty, unmanned

Still, it’s loved by everyone – you and me – replaced trust long ago as human currency
Money brings life – freedom to move for those with fiscal fluency
You work, get paid; that’s great – but how did we build a system where prosperity
Is strictly a minority, half the world is starving in the shadow of our obesity – that is heresy

We scrap purity for piracy, mutter incoherently about our needs for security
All the time our dependency on getting what we want is growing – line our nest, forget the rest – No parody
My dog needs…

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About Ben

I follow Jesus Christ - bringing my life with all it's issues and desiring to be transformed. Sometimes it's wonderful, other times it's really challenging and not too much fun. The world can be hostile, my own mind and body are often hostile but regardless I push on, sometimes failing but trusting in God. I love God and I would give (up) anything (I hope) to do what He wants. That story consists of a journey, and that journey is where I find myself - looking to play my part in His plan.


  1. Money | iChristian - May 17, 2013

    […] Money – Part 1 […]

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