True Saviour

The Dynamic Force

So, let us discuss all of these crazy feelings
They’re causing us problems and pain to the ceiling
We have to stop doing things that are wrong
That is what Jesus has said all along!

Lust is a problem destroying so many
Fixation on bodies, to countless, is deadly
Prostitution and slavery are part of this song
That is what Jesus has said all along!

Greed is so terrible who could imagine
We’re feeding a monster that’s eating our children
Starvation and murder; there’s no word too strong
That is what Jesus has said all along!

Money has got us all tied up together
So many people doing things that don’t matter
We should be helping each other along
That is what Jesus has said all along!

Our pride and our vanity they must be broken
Look at our mess; consequences have spoken
We’re trapped by our feelings; it’s been…

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About Ben

Someone trying to understand and live relationship with God within the context and fabric of normal everyday life. Most people observe the deep need for change in our world; change that would mean seemingly countless yet avoidable difficulties and tragedies might be avoided. Those observations reflect the reality of our everyday world and our innate awareness of the possibility of something better. We live in the wonderful yet profoundly troubled present; we grasp for the potential that God had placed before us. I would like to communicate, in the most helpful way possible, what little I might be able to understand about this story through my own journey with God.

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  1. this site looks fanatstic

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