The Enemy – Part 2: Beauty and the Beast

The Dynamic Force

Death 2
Part 1 Yesterday

β€œWe must learn to see beauty as God sees it.”

If you were asked β€˜what is the most dangerous thing in this world’ – what would you say?

I am sure that there are a few good answers to that question. Perhaps pride or greed or envy; they are some of the most deadly feelings that underlie all the nonsense that goes on – but where did they come from?

Let me tell you, one of the most deadly things in this world is beauty. It has nearly destroyed our world and we really need to understand that. Do we think that the Enemy is a beast? Well, he has an interesting relationship with beauty. Here is a quote from Ezekiel:

β€œβ€˜You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained…

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About Ben

I follow Jesus Christ - bringing my life with all it's issues and desiring to be transformed. Sometimes it's wonderful, other times it's really challenging and not too much fun. The world can be hostile, my own mind and body are often hostile but regardless I push on, sometimes failing but trusting in God. I love God and I would give (up) anything (I hope) to do what He wants. That story consists of a journey, and that journey is where I find myself - looking to play my part in His plan.

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