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4 Responses to “A Good Marriage”

  1. I am single, never married. But I appreciate this. I’ve tired of people lamenting about how marriage is so burdensome. I don’t think folk would desire to be married if it were that alone; there must be incredible potential for fellowship and sharing and love that THEY are not maximizing–and that makes me excited about marriage. I love when I see truly happy couples, especially couples who’ve been married for 30, 40, 50-plus years, something that’s becoming really uncommon.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for sharing! I never thought i’d get married, and i certainly don’t deserve this amazing gift! Like you i am inspired and encouraged by the happy couples who have been married for so many years.
      I also see so many married couples who just don’t appreciate the beautiful gift of marriage and seem to see it as marriage was owed to them or its just another qualification on their CV, so don’t seem to love and cherish each other in the way the Bible instructs us to.

  2. So true. Have a blessed day!

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