You’ll Never Believe This…. (Part 3)

Wow, Part 3 already! If you’re wondering what i’m talking about pleas see my older posts (Part 1 & Part 2). 
I’ve just sent my exhibition entry form with descriptions of the photos etc and i’m doing my video interview this Sunday in London. Also Sarah & i have booked our Hotel for 7 nights with flights in Florence, Italy for the opening meet and greet. I’m a little excited! 🙂
I thought i would share with you which photos were chosen and my descriptions & aims of the images for this Florence exhibition in December.
Please comment and let me know what you think, as i’d love to hear your feedback on my descriptions, aims & photos! 🙂
My Exhibition Photos
Image 1: ‘Stormy Bay’ – Ilfracombe, Devon, England


Brief description: Photograph taken in a huge storm with my iPhone 4s camera. (I wouldn’t get my Nikon camera out of it’s bag as the weather was too bad). I’ve applied a grayscale effect to bring out how I felt on the day (very wet, cold and shivery). A great memory of the English southern coast on New Years Day.

Aim of the work: I felt the strength of the storm (with howling winds and lashing rain) and wanted an image that captured the moment. Using dramatic black and white I wanted to draw people into the strength and power of the elements so they could feel the strength of the storm for themselves. 

Image 2: ‘The London Eye’

London eye 7

Brief description: Stood close the Eye looks big but through the wide angle lens of my Sony Alpha a100 camera it felt like a huge bike wheel in the sky ….very sureal.

Aim of the work. Looking at life from a different angle.

Image 3: ‘Arches’ – Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Brief description: One of my very first photos taken as blind photographer. Taken with a Fugi F10 camera. I was visiting Hampton Court Palace and was struck by the contrast between the heat in the sunny parts and the cool in the the shadows when walking down this corridor. I wanted to reflect this in the patterns made by sunlight playing though the arches. I used black and white in this image to capture this feeling.

Aim of the work. To demonstrate the amazing effects sunlight can have on it’s surroundings.

Image 4: ‘Life on the water’ (canal boat – Heartfordshire, England)

Canal Boat

Brief description: Walking along a peaceful, tranquil path by the canal I was taking shots of different things around me with my Sony Alpha a100 camera. I heard the rumble of this boats engine and took photos as it passed. On returning home and zooming into the images with my computer this one stood out, as when seen in detail there was much more in it than I had first thought. It captures a story of the man with his dog living a laid back lifestyle on the boat … all the materials of his life surrounding him. The photo I felt encompassed this mans life and told his story whilst also conveying the peace of the day and tranquility of my surroundings.

Aim of the work. A single photo that tells the story of this mans life – the more you zoom in the more you see.

Image 5: ‘Portsmouth Cathedral’

Portsmouth Cathedral

Brief description A dramatic image of Portsmouth Cathedral on a hot but cloudy day.Taken with my iPhone 4 camera at a friends ordination ceremony.

Aim of the work. The ceremony was very grand and I wanted to capture the feeling of the spendour and grandeur of the ceremony and Cathedral in a photo. From experience I know that using black and white on architecture creates a dramatic feel, especially on a cloudy day.

About Steve

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

21 Responses to “You’ll Never Believe This…. (Part 3)”

  1. A excellent work, of course. Definitely the most impressive shot of the London Eye that I have ever seen. The cirrus clouds and deeply toned sky filtering through the spokes add the right amount of drama to hold attention.

  2. Great pics…happy for you….:)

  3. Hi Steve! Just read your lovely comment over at my place but wanted to catch up here with you first before replying! This is sooooo exciting, I remember reading about it and now to know that you and Sarah will soon be jetting off to Florence for the exhibition is amazing! I hope that the video interview is going well for you today…prayers!…
    All these photos are beautiful, powerful and evocative, think my favourite is the London Eye, the way you’ve captured it (really does look like a bicycle wheel in the sky!) and the black and white gives all of them a fantastic effect. I need to start having a try with this on some of my photos! Amazing too that most are from your iPhone…I use my Samsung a fair bit as you probably know and wonder if it’s better than my Sony Cybershot…! I wish I could talk photography with you over a cup of coffee, lol 😀
    So happy for you my dear friend and I look forward to reading more updates…hugs… Sherri 🙂

    • Sherri, thanks so much for praying for my interview. We were meant to travel up to London to shoot outside, but the amazing stormy weather on Sunday put a stop to that, so he came to our house and did the interview in our living room.
      It was like torture for me, i was a little nervous as i’ve never done a video interview and i don’t normally speak much, as i’m more of a listener! But after a few hours, her got around 2 hours of footage. I think i used more words in 2 hours than i’ve spoken in 10 years! lol 🙂
      He now travels to France & Italy so won’t be editing the video until September time. He also wants to do a second interview back up in London when the weather is better and then blend the two together. I will obviously post any updates on here to keep you in the loop.
      Wow, can you imagine meeting up for a coffee and chatting about photography? That would be amazing, and i’d love for that to happen one day! 🙂
      Yeah i found it a little weird that they chose mostly my iPhone pics, but i suppose i always have it with me and i’m not as afraid to take it out in harsh weather! I really like the fact that phone cameras have become so good now that it has taken the place of my compact Samsung WB550, so i don’t have to always carry a separate device and i can travel light! 🙂
      Black & white effects are so easy to apply these days and i try each of my photos with this effect to see if it improves it. I look forwards to seeing your images too! God bless you loving sister! 😀

  4. I love that you’ve captured the Eye as a bicycle wheel. These are beautiful.

  5. Fabulous! Exciting times for you, Steve 🙂

  6. Fabulous photos! So excited for you, may God be glorified!

  7. Beautiful work! Congratulations!

  8. Great photographs Steve. You really capture the power of the light and the textures of the buildings. Good luck with the exhibition. Nigel.


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