Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 2 ~ My 40th Birthday At Sea

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Happy 40th Birthday!!!

 Waking up to a pile of cards and a present beautifully wrapped from Sarah travelling across the Caribbean sea was a special moment. I couldn’t believe Sarah had packed all of my cards and even a present(which was 3 new shirts). Sarah’s love always fills to overflowing!

Me and my 40th birthday cards sat in the window of the ship

Me sat with my lovely cards ⇧ 

A close up photo of my 40th birthday cards

My lovely cards – Thank you everyone! 🙂 ⇧ 

My new shirt and birthday badge…

I quickly put on one of my new shirts(from Sarah), and the birthday badge(from Sara, sister in Christ) and went out on deck to look out over all that amazing sea.

Me Birthday badge looking out over the sea, leaning on the teac bannister

Me wearing new shirt & birthday badge ⇧  

Then it was back to my fave place “The Coffee Port” for a birthday Cappuccino with a stunning view! 🙂 

A Cappuccino on a window seat looking out over a beautiful blue seaat sea

My fave seat in the Coffee Port ⇧  

Sarah’s Cornea Problems…

 Just 1 day before our holiday, Sarah & i spent the afternoon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. Over the past couple of months we’ve been to hospital almost weekly, trying to sort out Sarah’s cornea. We’ve now learned that Sarah’s cornea is crumbling and is completely exposed and cannot heal itself, or the ulcer inside.  The doctor needed to close the eye lid so that it’s safe from air contamination etc. He did this by a botox injection just above the eye. He said it would close in about 2 days(my 40th birthday) and will stay shut for around 3 months. 

And during the afternoon, Sarah’s eye closed. We’d hoped that most of the time we would be in bright sunshine so Sarah could cover it by wearing her sunglasses. And for all other times, we’d get creative.

The Captains Gala Reception & Dinner…

Sarah & i had no idea what to expect as this was our 1st cruise, but i’d brought my suit and purple dotted bow tie, and Sarah had brought some lovely dresses, so lets go and try to find the show lounge! 

Sarah had a slight panic when we realised the photographer was taking everyones photo on entrance, but she relaxed a little when he said she was fine to keep her sunglasses on. We ended up with a nice photo to remember my 40th, our 1st Captains Gala and a lovely keep safe shot of us both dressed up! 🙂 

Sarah  i at Captains Gala  1

Me & my lovely wife! ⇧ 

The captain introduced himself and some of his team, then it was down to Deck 4 for the meal in the Orion restaurant. The food, the waiter service and the whole experience was fantastic. A great 40th birthday! 🙂  

Our route 4 2day…

Today Thomson Dream continues her journey to La Romana. We arrive tomorrow morning having travelled 546 nautical miles at an average speed of 15 knots. 

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About Steve

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

14 Responses to “Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 2 ~ My 40th Birthday At Sea”

  1. A great way to celebrate your BIG 4-OMG!
    Welcome to the 40s club. 😀
    It’s a nice place to be. But – I’m biased. 😉

    Nice pic of you & Sarah ❤

    • Thanks so much RoSy! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying our tour!
      God’s been so gracious to me, i never thought i’d reach 40. He’s given me 16 years more than i’d thought i’d have after arresting this sinner at 24. But to have new life is indescribable, and i thank him each day! 🙂
      Being 40 is fantastic! It’s like my marriage to Sarah, it just blossoms with love each year! 🙂
      Thanks again for taking time to view my posts, it’s a real encouragement to me. God bless you. 🙂

      • You’re welcome Steve.
        How wonderful!
        You are truly blessed. Your heart speaks volumes in gratitude. May God continue to bless you & Sarah.

  2. I can’t tell you how much joy I have for you two! God bless Sarah and her eye issues. And happy 40th birthday Steve!!
    You two are a beautiful couple, my friend!

    • Awww loving sister Heather, thank you so much!
      It’s been a rollercoaster of a trip! We are on the mountain tops at the moment, being blown away by God’s awesome creation. But it gets challenging after Sarah’s a medical emergency on day 8,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and joining us on this trip of a lifetime for us. It’s a blessing to have you join us. You always encourage, inspire & show God’s love to us, and i thank God for you. 🙂

  3. You don’t look 40. Remember this: 40 is not old . . .if you’re a tree. :>)

    • Awww, Steven you’re too kind! 🙂
      I still can’t believe God gave me a second chance, so that i could reach 40. Then he blessed me with a beautiful and loving wife to share this crazy life with!
      And not only that, he blesses, inspires, encourages and speaks through brothers in Christ like you! I thank God for you Steven, God bless you. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday, Steve. Blessings to you and Sarah.

  5. I am sorry to hear about Sarah’s eye problems. I will be praying for her.

    • Awwww thank you so much!! Sarah was at Moorfield eye hospital yesterday, and they had some good news. The ulcer has actually healed since closing her eye for 3 weeks! It will be closed for a further 3 weeks ready for stage 2. They are trying to get the plasma/blood eye drops ready to try and heal the cornea.
      I thank God for you, and for showing us such love with your prayers etc. 🙂

  6. Happy belated 40th, Steve. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Blessings.

    • Thanks Mel! Yeah it was a birthday to remember. I Still can’t believe i got the chance to see more of God’s awesome creation! 🙂
      Thanks also for your kind comments and encouragements! God bless you! 🙂

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