🐾 Pawing Away The COVID-19 Lockdown Blues With “Bruce THE Boxer” Day 50 – “Remember Me” ❤️

Bruce THE Boxer

july 14th 2000 – Dec 3rd 2011

IMG 0317

D2X 9907

Thank you all so much for helping me keep Bruce THE Boxer and his legacy alive by joining his Boxercise classes. It’s been great for me to use the photos of him i’ve taken over the years and share them with friends.

I can’t believe we’ve made it to 50 days!

But with great sadness i have to announce we’ve come to the end of the ‘Boxercise’ classes…Also can’t believe it’s nearly 9 years (Dec) since Bruce died. 🐾 ❤️

But it’s not over quite yet as i’ve also created a video of Bruce, Sarah & our loving home so you can see him in action…😀  

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✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Guitarist, Drummer, Photographer, Health & Fitness advocate....Oh and i'm also Blind too! 😀

10 Responses to “🐾 Pawing Away The COVID-19 Lockdown Blues With “Bruce THE Boxer” Day 50 – “Remember Me” ❤️”

  1. It’s been a wonderful class. Truly a fun experience! Thank you!

  2. Aw Steve, I feel so sad. Having not been following this series from the beginning, I didn’t know that Bruce was no longer with us. Ah well, the video is lovely. I bet he had the best life ever with Sarah and you.

    • Hey Lesley! Writing these lovely posts (and Sarah reading them) was like having him back for a little while. Seeing all of his expressions and character through the photos was a lovely thing to do for us. I’m so please you got to see him too, he was such an amazing dog and i’m sure he’ll be back! 😀

      Thank you so much for taking his Boxercise classes, it’s such a blessing to know he can still touch everyones lives! 😀

      • It was a beautiful way to remember and honour Bruce. We still reminisce about all the dogs who’ve shared there lives with us.
        I look forward to Bruce perhaps making some guest appearances in the future. ☺🙌

        • Hi Lesley! I know you have 2 dogs now but have you had many in the past?

          I’m certain you haven’t seen the last of Bruce, he’s going to show his face when we least expect it, lol! He can’t go very long without needing a treat! 🤣

          • Hi Steve. The dog I had as a child was Trixie, a fox terrier. We then got Luath, a black labrador x basset hound. He looked soooo funny! I brought him back from holiday with me without asking my parents! In married life we had Dandy and Tamara, yorkshire terriers, then Bob, a german shepherd x border collie who lived till he was 19! Then Charlie, a creamy-coloured standard poodle x afghan hound. He was absolutely nuts! And now we have Tilly, a parson jack russell and Bella, a miniature poodle x welsh terrier.
            They’ve all been very different, but each has given loads of fun and love. 😀
            Billy and I are in our mid-sixties now … so when Bella and Tilly go, we may decide that it would be unfair to get another dog, though the thought of a dogless home makes me feel sad. Maybe a pet rat would be the way to go. 😀

            • Lesley…Wow that’s a lot of love, fun and crazy times! Also that is a lot of different doggies, i bet they all had really different characters?! 😀

              Sarah had a hamster after we lost Bruce…He was ok but nothing like Bruce. 🤣

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