Darkness, Darkness, Everywhere

The Dynamic Force

Darkness, darkness, everywhere
In shadow and in light
Tell me friend, who can be spared
Without the gift of sight

How will we see the Way to flee
Before we are consumed
Now we’re settled with our eyes
Adapted to the gloom

The men have gone and sold their minds
To every evil vice
Instead of getting life aligned
They’d rather roll the dice

The women pander to the men
Insecurity must be stilled
Get the attention that is craved
So that they feel fulfilled

The young are given space to lose
Their lives before they start
The adults seeking wealth
Have sold the future race’s heart

Darkness, darkness, welcomed in
By all who crave this world
Why do we love to do such things
That clearly leave us doomed

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About Ben

I follow Jesus Christ - bringing my life with all it's issues and desiring to be transformed. Sometimes it's wonderful, other times it's really challenging and not too much fun. The world can be hostile, my own mind and body are often hostile but regardless I push on, sometimes failing but trusting in God. I love God and I would give (up) anything (I hope) to do what He wants. That story consists of a journey, and that journey is where I find myself - looking to play my part in His plan.

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