Immortal Flowers

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Many a humble soul will be amazed to find that the seed it sowed in weakness, in the dust of daily life, has blossomed into immortal flowers under the eye of the Lord.


Harriet Beecher Stowe

About Steve Rebus

✞Follower of Christ, Husband, Gymgoer, Photographer, Guitarist, Drummer....Oh and i'm also Blind too! πŸ˜€

3 Responses to “Immortal Flowers”

  1. I’ve reminded many friends on my facebook site that when they are in great need, they need to sow a seed and wait on the harvest. For some reason, they tend to just ask and ask and beg God for help, but I’ve truly found that when I SAY it more like it was said in the scripture, it not only happens, but it’s a true harvest. a BOUNTY of a return. I think people forget how powerful the WORD really is! I myself have a problem with believing everything I read, especially since I know the Bible has been altered many times in ways that actually alter the meaning…so I read the DS Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi texts first, and then compare them to the Bible (when they are the same scriptures). ie…I prayed and begged for 4 years for God to save my son, who’s addicted to meth and was living on the streets. Then just this year, I was reminded myself to sow a seed…and my son has been saved. He’s been living with me for a month now, clean and sober, and I praise GOD DAILY for this MIRACLE!!! But I also think it has to do with HOW I prayed. I wonder sometimes if the Ruach Hakodesh appreciates and values HOW we request things. Not in some formal grand manner, with long drawn out praises and things, but with honest need and actual RESPECT! thanks again for this site…God Bless you!!

    • Amen!! Wow, Praise God for saving your son through Grace, Love, Prayer and Faithfulness, what a miracle!! So blessed and encouraged to hear this! πŸ™‚
      For me its:
      Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God” 1 Peter 5:6
      Everything we have is a gift from God, we can easily slip into thinking that we’ve earned it.
      Like you touched upon, there is such a freedom in waiting on the Lord.

      • oh how funny Steve that you mention being humbled….I also learned the harshest greatest lesson ever this year in how I needed to be humble. God blew my mind, and if you care to hear about it, just ask and I’ll tell you…I’ve written about it in many ways, but never really came out and told it how it happened… it was probably the hardest lesson I’ve ever learned…and well, I seem to only learn the hard way!!! lol but thank GOD I finally learned it!!! πŸ™‚

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