New Beginnings


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“You win over people just like you win over a dog. You see a dog passing down the street with an old bone in his mouth. You don’t grab the bone from him and tell him it’s not good for him. He’ll growl at you. It’s the only thing he has. But you throw a big fat lamb chop in front of him, and he’s going to drop that bone and pick up the lamb chop, his tail wagging to beat the band. And you’ve got a friend. Instead of going around grabbing bones from people… I’m going to throw them some lamb chops. Something with real meat and life in it. I’m going to tell them about New Beginnings.”

David Wilkerson, The Cross and the Switchblade

About Steve Rebus

Christian, Blind photographer, husband, plays guitar and drums. Loves researching accessible apps and technology.

12 Responses to “New Beginnings”

  1. LOVE this!! Yay!!! 🙂

  2. Brilliant quote. And we don’t do this often enough. Needs to be a very large poster in all churches! 😉

  3. I was at the Times Square church Wilkerson founded and pastored until He died 3 yrs ago. 👍

  4. I love this quote! I read his book…gosh! 15 years ago, I think. I was privileged to go to his church on Times Square every so often since going to his ministry school in PA. We got to watch the movie with the same title starring Pat Boone and Eric Estrada. An amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness when we are willing to follow His voice.

    • Wow, what a privilege and an amazing experience! I read this book about 3 years ago and it blew me away! 🙂

      • He came to do our chapel services every so often. Once a year we went to the church on Times Square to do the service. Two students from the upper class preached. The whole student body sat up in the choir stands behind the pulpit. It was a great experience! I still get his newsletters, The Pulpit Series. The book, The Cross and the Switchblade, still blows me away!

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