Under The Word

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The church is always to be under the Word; she must be; we must keep her there. You must not assume that because the church started correctly, she will continue so. She did not do so in the New Testament times; she has not done so since. Without being constantly reformed by the Word the church becomes something very different. We must always keep the church under the Word.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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Christian, Blind photographer, husband, plays guitar and drums. Loves researching accessible apps and technology.

6 Responses to “Under The Word”

  1. True…as long as we do not re-interpret the Word as many churches are trying to do today. That is the way heresies begin, and continue. Accountability through Apostolic succession has always been the best measuring stick- from St. Peter & St.Paul unto today. Churches that “preach” their own take on the Word can be dangerous slippery slopes.

    • Amen! Julie thanks for this great comment!
      After spending a week in Florence, Italy, I’ve had a hard lesson as i’ve been learning just how far man has (and will) go away from God’s Truth as they are cunningly and subtly led astray by the one who comes as an angel of light! We must be so careful that it’s the Holy Spirit showing us God’s word, and we’re not just reading text, and then bending it out of context to fit our agenda.
      Thanks again Julie for always being here, and sharing your great comments! 🙂

  2. Amen. As long as we stay under the word of God and don’t try to add anything to it, including our own interpretation, we’ll be fine. Once churches or pastors start interpreting based on their own knowledge, we’re in trouble. Thanks for posting.

    • Amen! Thanks Steven for this fantastic comment
      The church has a habit of trying to blend God’s word with the surrounding culture, and trying to fade the Truth a little to make it more entertaining etc. Thinking this, and not the power of the word will help bring people to the knowledge of Christ.
      Thanks again for stopping by, reading, liking and of course commenting, so blessed. 🙂

      • You’re welcome. ichristian has become one of my regular daily reads. Thanks for your ministry and your love of the Lord. God bless.


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