One of the greatest mission fields

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“When will we realize that one of the greatest mission fields in the West is the pews of our churches every Sunday morning?”

 Paul David Washer, The Gospel’s Power & Message

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8 Responses to “One of the greatest mission fields”

  1. You are EXACTLY RIGHT, Steven. I wonder how many folks sitting in church pews each Sunday morning do NOT have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That would be an interesting statistic to know. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Steven. I think it would be interesting, yet deeply troubling to find out. As i mentioned in my comment above, this is an issue i’m caught up in at the moment at my local church. Over the past couple of months everything i study seems to lead me to Acts 7 and our namesake Steven, who said “you stiff necked people, why do you resist the Holy Spirit”. Please pray for me and my local church to guard and proclaim the True Gospel.

      Thanks for always stopping by and taking precious time to comment and encourage me. God bless you.

  2. Is it possible that the church system, i.e. typical pulpit and pew, produces people like that? From someone who preached and pastored for 38 years… I believe real disciple-making happens in the market place.

    I love most of your quotes Steve, but the above one preserves the status quo, which is not much to quo about.

    • Hi, thanks so much for taking time to comment. 🙂
      The main reason this quote hit me enough to share it, the moment, at my local church building, an alarming amount of people seem not to believe in the True Gospel or the work of Christ’s blood on the cross, and even believe there is more than one way to Heaven, it just requires that you are simply nice and polite. They seemed to deny our Lord and Saviour Jesus, and made a god for themselves that lets them believe anything as long as it’s not Biblical. This is breaking my heart deeply at the moment, and i’m seeking wisdom and Truth to to light my path and direct me.

      I’m with you on the disciple making and it’s vital that we are growing in the knowledge of Him 24/7 and not just Sunday mornings etc. But i’m just concerned that the goats are having their ears tickled with false doctrine while the sheep go starving, therefore making it impossible to disciple anyone.

      Thanks once again for your comments, i thank god for you. 🙂

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