Carnal, careless, and covetous

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Carnal, careless, and covetous

One must judge of his own state by the fruit he bears.
When our fruit is unto holiness, we know that the end
shall be everlasting life. Everyone who hopes that he is
converted to God, should examine himself and prove his
own fruit. In judging of piety, there is no substitute for
a holy life. We are Christ’s disciplesā€”if we do whatever
He commands us. We are the servants of the wicked
oneā€”if we do the works of the flesh. We may boast of
discoveries, of raptures, and ecstasiesā€”but all is in vain
if a consistent life is not the result.Ā A godly life is the
infallible evidence of conversion.

Many professors of religion areĀ carnal, careless,Ā 
and covetous
. In them no change of life appearsĀ 
to prove a change of heart. They are much like theirĀ 
worldly neighbors, except that they attend church.Ā 
They are spots and blemishes in Christian feasts.Ā 
They are a grief and a shame to godly people. TheĀ 
church has their names, but the world has theirĀ 
hearts. The number of such is painfully large.

About Steve Rebus

āœžFollower of Christ, Husband, Gymgoer, Photographer, Guitarist, Drummer....Oh and i'm also Blind too! šŸ˜€

3 Responses to “Carnal, careless, and covetous”

  1. Oh, this is so true. His heart must grieve when He looks at what today is often called Church. The Church indeed are to be His People constantly being changed into His Image. . Please God that my life and my writings and all I do is Holy in His Eyes. For your interest my new revamped website. For the first time as an experiment I included a video of myself. old-lady welcome but I pray the heart and the intentions are pure. Thank you for what you share and who you are in Him.

  2. Are these your words or a quote? Thanks!

  3. Returning to the Cross for the reality of what Christ did is the only way any of us can truly be what He is calling us to be in these days. constan repentance and constant Grace only from the Cross. (not the wooden beam but the blood covering provided).

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