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Goodbye World

Goodbye world, at last
Your days, although many, are numbered
You will be left in the past
A new future is coming, unencumbered

Don’t get me wrong world
I know you are me and my kind
I just want you unfurled
In a new way, I want a new mind

I have been promised
That everything will change
That the serpent that hissed
Will soon be far out of range

While I am here still
Living with you, as you
I will keep changing until
These times are through

So I wont say anymore about how
You will be taken from me
I will just say goodbye now
For I don’t when that time will be


I ran away from safety because it was tasteless
My life was craving some more exotic flavour
Because of my attractions I drove a million miles to meet my desire
But when I got there it destroyed me, it tore me to pieces

Now I am broken, shattered. The things I loved hated me
Who can understand, who can make sense of this mess
How could the world be such a liar
How could I have been so stupid

I opened my eyes and looked around me, I found I was not alone
There were so many people littering the streets of this broken place
Then some quiet noise turned my head and I scanned the horizon
I saw a kind of light far in the distance, it seemed vaguely familiar but unknown

Now I have walked these streets, how I longed for the old way, whatever it was
Still I could sense that light, it seemed to be moving
If only I could go back, If someone could take me
I then I thought about that light, could that light be safety?


What is perfection?
This thing that we mention
This mode that we talk of
This ancient convention

It sits in our minds and assesses our actions
It looks at what’s out there and causes reactions
We want it, we crave it
Yet our senses are marred, can we trust our perceptions?

What is it……..?
Something exquisite
Or something of myth
That we never will visit

Or Maybe a path you can follow – a worthy direction
Or choices you make through some careful selection
Or is it chance
The hope of some future election

Or are they all aspects of this purest condition
This mindset beyond a pure human rendition
But something above us
The state that explains the creator’s decision

Something outside us but in us in seed
Something in flowers as well as in weeds
Something in process
The nature of the only one worthy to bleed

Love Story


Is love the story that underlines our life?
A story of husband and wife
But also of surgeon and knife

A story of cursed ground
Of people lost and found
Of little silence and too much sound

A story of shared and broken creation
Of relation against relation
And nation v nation

A story of confusion
Of many lies and evils intrusion
A story of pain – what’s your conclusion?

Does this story have a turn?
A Saviour who came to burn?
A Saviour who lives, dies, lives – and returns…?

So what about you?
Is this a story that’s true?
A story about your eternal life – your view….?


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