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Some professors of religion are like the catbird!

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Some professors of religion are like the catbird!

(Charles Naylor, “How to Fertilize Love” 1920)

There are very many things that may chokeĀ out love in the home. One of these is theĀ lack of kindness. If you have grown less kind in your feelings, in your actions, and in your words–then love cannot thrive. Kindness is one of the best fertilizers for love.Ā 

There are so many people who have two sets ofĀ tonesĀ in which to speak–and two sets ofĀ mannersĀ in which they act. They have theirĀ companyĀ manners–and theirĀ familyĀ manners. When they have company–then the voice is soft and pleasant, and the manners are agreeable and kindly. They treat their friends with the greatest consideration; but as soon as their friends are gone, the pleasant voice changes into crossness or harshness and fault-finding–and the pleasantness of manner disappears! In how many homes is this true!

The greaterĀ consideration, the greaterĀ kindness–is due theĀ homeĀ folks. Otherwise, love cannot flourish. If you wish to have love for your home folks–then you must show them theĀ considerationĀ that is due them.

Some professors of religion are like the catbird!
Ā When it is away from its nest–then it is one of the sweetest of the northern warblers; but when it is close to its nest–then you will hear only a harsh, discordant note. It has no sweetness in its voice while at its nest.

In the same way, some people reserve all their kindness, tenderness, and sweetness–for thoseĀ outsideĀ the family circle. Is it any wonder that love dies in such a home?Ā 

“Love must be without hypocrisy.” Romans 12:9Ā 

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