Conversation In The Womb

Baby 1: And you, you believe in life after birth?

Baby 2: Absolutely. It’s obvious that life after birth exists. We are here to become stronger and to get ready for whatever awaits us next.

Baby 1: This is absurd. There is nothing after birth! What would life look like outside the womb!

Baby 2: Well, there are many stories about the other side. I’ve heard there is a blaze of light there, an intense and profound feeling of joy with deep emotions, thousands of things to live for… For example, I’ve heard that we’ll eat with our mouth there.

Baby 1: That’s silly. We have an umbilical cord and that is how we eat. Everyone knows that we don’t use our mouth to eat! And, on top of that, no one has ever come back from the other world. Those stories are all coming from naive people. Life just ends at birth. Period. That’s the way it is and we must accept it.

Baby 2: Alright, then allow me to think differently. That’s for sure, I have no idea what life after birth looks like, and I can’t prove anything to you. But I like to believe that in the next world, we’ll be able to see our mother and that she will take care of us.

Baby 1: “Mother”? You mean that you believe in “Mother”? Oh! So where is she?

Baby 2: Everywhere, don’t you see it! She is everywhere, all around us. We are part of her and it’s thanks to her that we are living right now. Without her, we wouldn’t be here.

Baby 1: This is ridiculous! I’ve never seen any mother so it’s obvious that she doesn’t exist.

Baby 2: I don’t agree. That’s your way of seeing things. Because sometimes when everything quiets down a little bit, we can hear her sing. We can feel her hugging our world! I’m pretty sure that our life will start after birth.

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13 Responses to “Conversation In The Womb”

  1. thecomebackkids99 Reply May 1, 2015 at 15:26

    Reblogged this on thecomebackkids99 blog! This is amazing!

  2. thecomebackkids99 Reply May 1, 2015 at 15:25

    Reblogged this on The Comeback Kids Blog and commented:
    This is so marvelous! Love it!

  3. In a funny but poignant way reminds that there is life before birth. Thanks visit my blog.

  4. Amazing and thought-provoking… *thinks about atheism* *and then thinks about abortion* *and then starts to cry…* It’s so sad, too. People just don’t SEE it, and… gah, blindness by choice is both frustrating and disgusting.
    (Yes, I am female… did my super-tough-Winter-Soldier-era-Cap-avvie throw you for a loop? Sorry-not-sorry. Cap is awesome.)

  5. I’ve heard about this before! Wonderful dialogue 😀

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    I love this post! It’s so amazing! 😀 Read it! ❤

  7. Mwahhh!!! (which is a noise my children make when amazed astonished and wowed!!)

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    Interesting dialog!!! Originally posted by Steve Rebus.

  9. An incredibly wonderful analogy!

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    Wonderful analogy!

  11. Brilliant and so true! Oh, how the US has fallen. Sometimes I wonder how long God can put up with all the evil in today’s world! Many blessings for a Joyful Resurrection Sunday,

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