Symptoms Of An Evil Disease

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โ€œWe now demand glamour and fast-flowing dramatic action. A generation of Christians reared among push buttons and automatic machines is impatient of slower and less direct methods of reaching their goals…The tragic results of this spirit all all about us: shallow lives, hollow religious philosophies…the glorification of men, trust is religious externalities….salesmanship methods, the mistaking of dynamic personality for the power of the Spirit. These and such of these are the symptoms of an evil disease.โ€ย 

A.W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God

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10 Responses to “Symptoms Of An Evil Disease”

  1. Steve, Tozer is one of my favorite authors. I loved reading The Pursuit of God, especially chapter 2. Thanks for sharing this awesome quote. God bless.

    • Hi Steven! I bought “The pursuit of God” audiobook yesterday, and Me and Ben (Brother in Christ) are thinking of meeting up weekly to pray, discuss and chat about what it’s teaching us and how we need to keep in step with the Spirit.

      I’ll look forwards to chapter 2! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Steve, you and your friend will be blessed. Maybe we can discuss some of it along the way. I would like to do that with you, if you want. God bless.

  2. Spiritual impatience is the evil disease, not better communication.

  3. History is made! I think this is the first time I have read one your posts and decided I am not in full agreement. Back in the days of the dusty peeps, parchment and quill were used. Now we happily search the whole bible for one phrase digitally. Back in the day communication was via horseback and sailboat. Now we press a button and the whole world sees our “communication”. Then they were local, now we are global. Hands up those wishing to return to the dusty days ….

    “These and such of these are the symptoms of an evil disease.โ€ – or perhaps a reluctance to embrace change (unless it is easy, suits our purpose, and doesn’t threaten the “status quo”) – maybe?

    • Hi Paul! Thanks for your great comment. I certainly am thankful for modern technology etc. As i’m registered blind and use screen readers and apps audiobooks to hear the Word of God, and his Gospel of Truth. So i certainly wouldn’t want to go back! ๐Ÿ™‚

      But, as i witness the churches keep on looking to the worlds ways to try and engage, sell and dissolve Truth from the Gospel, trying to make it sound more pleasing to the ear, therefore hoping to increase attendance and popularity etc, it sounds like they are almost ashamed of the Gospel, which is the power of God(not power of man) unto salvation.
      It can be so difficult to slow down, listen, seek and read his word for what the Spirit is trying to tell/show us in this fast paced world. I agree with you that it’s not the technology that keeps us from being in step with the Spirit, it’s our simple disobedience.

      • Do you know Steve, you have raised a really great conversation thinker! Thank you.

        What I see more of is a the history of an aging congregation, a fear that no one is coming in to replace those that are “moving upstairs” – and a sense of an ever decreasing number “keeping things going”. Whilst at the same time that ever decreasing number being uncomfortable with “new fangled ways” and the younger generation’s comfort zones.

        I see the clergy torn between alienating those who have a real faith, have lived their lives around and in the church – and have an equal need to feel safe in their worship. And I see those same clergy very keen to allow a more “relevant” (but still a gospel-true) church both inside and outside the “big doors building” – and being dissuaded by the resident population.

        Personal view? Unless the church moves towards getting out and taking church to where and how the rest of the world lives – the younger generation will continue to look at the church simply for nice weddings, cute christenings and necessary funerals.

        Is that disobedience? I am not so sure.

        • Hey Paul, thanks for another thought provoking comment! ๐Ÿ™‚
          I totally agree. The church needs to get out there.

          that’s why it’s so important for us to be equipped, encouraged, inspired and brought together in unity through the Spirit, with Jesus as the head guiding His body. Not just once a week, in the public gathering, but the whole week. Our mission field is between our own 2 feet, it’s everywhere we go!

          The church is a fantastic body where diversity in unity can work beautifully, If we all come in humility with the servant mentality. This is what i was trying to say about obedience(but failing a little, lol)…each keeping in step with the Spirit, not living after the flesh and becoming self centred, but others centred. Once we start loving God with all our heart, mind soul and strength, we become equipped to start loving others as ourselves.

          The church seems to focus so much on the human level, becoming tangled up as she conforms more to the world as she tries to attract the new generation, looking to their needs to govern her message and methods.

          We are in a huge spiritual battle, and putting on the full armour of God is vital so we can stand firm. It just seems to me that the belt of Truth is being loosened, and the church is finding it more and more difficult as the rest of the armour starts flapping around as it becomes undone.

          Wow, you’ve started a great conversation here Paul, thank you for always giving time to teach me, and share some of your Godly wisdom to your brother who needs it! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Loving the Steve – thank you!

            “We are in a huge spiritual battle, and putting on the full armour of God is vital so we can stand firm. It just seems to me that the belt of Truth is being loosened, and the church is finding it more and more difficult as the rest of the armour starts flapping around as it becomes undone.”

            There is a conversation you might be interested in (not sure if you have already seen it):

            “Spiritual Warfare โ€“ The Medieval Meets High Tech” – Little Monk:

            53. comments and counting (but 53 rather unique comments – a conversation more honest and open than usually happens)


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