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Expanding The Love In My Words

A screenshot of a interview i'm working on in Logic Pro, with the Channel EQ & Expander plugin's visible

Above is a shcreenshot of an interview iโ€™m working on using Logic Pro for Sarahโ€™s audio version of her RNIB magazine. Iโ€™ve just found a plugin called โ€œExpanderโ€ which iโ€™ve never used before and it can help clean up the noise, hissing or humming behind the voice etcโ€ฆ.

Iโ€™m sat here while using this great tool thinking โ€œWouldnโ€™t it be fantastic if it was as easy as using a few dials & sliders to be able to clean up my speech and leave no bad noise behind my words!ย 

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