Father and mother, if I am damned — it is by copying the example you placed before me!

Father and mother, if I am damned — it is by copying the example you placed before me!

(Archibald Brown, “Do Not Sin Against the Child!” 1870)

“Do not sin against the child!” Genesis 42:22

One way of sinning against a child is by bad example. The characters of the parents are carefully watched and imitated by their children.

You profess, dear friend, to be a Christian, and your child knows you are a member of this church. He has seen you partake of the Lord’s supper — and then, when you have gone home, he has in a moment detected the discrepancy between your behavior at church — and your daily life at home. The angry temper — the selfish spirit — the worldly conversation — all these have been so many sins against the child! By some evil example seen by them in early life, an impression may be made upon their souls, the effects of which will remain to their dying day — and beyond!

Oh, how dreadful the thought, that by our own hypocritical lives we may be sinning against the little darlings we often feel we could die for. God forbid, that at the last great day, any of our children should turn to us with blanched cheek and say, “Father and mother, if I am damned — it is by copying the example you placed before me!”

You may also sin against the child by neglecting the means of its salvation. Do you have to confess before the Lord, that the eternal interests of your children find but a small space in your PRAYERS? O do not sin so against the child — he is worth praying for!

What are you DOING to try and bring them to Jesus? Do you ever, with the tear in your eye, tell them of the love of Jesus? Have you ever tried to show them their need of a Savior, and pointed them to Him who said, “Let the little children to come to Me?”

These are solemn questions, for I say to you dear parents in all love and from the very depths of my heart, “If you neglect the means for bringing your little ones to Christ, you are sinning against the child — and his blood will be required of you!” “If you do not teach them — the devil will.”

O friends, it is a crying shame, that in our prayer meetings there are to be found men who pray as if they were dying to see the world converted — and yet never pray for their own children! It is a sad, sad fact that there are many who seem wondrously in earnest about the conversion of strangers — who yet let their own children go to Hell without a warning or entreaty!

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6 Responses to “Father and mother, if I am damned — it is by copying the example you placed before me!”

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  2. Brother Steve, this post makes my heart so so sad, because it is so true that we Christian parents, grandparents, pastors and Sunday School teachers, and brethren in the church could be better models/examples for our children and youth and until we begin to live our faith and obey God’s Word instead of just talk about it, we are cannot bring the gospel to those outside of the church. We can try but the conversions will be short-lived. We are seen as hypocrites, people who play church, who look like the world and act like the world. There is no praise and worship and no weekly prayer meetings in many churches today; Adult Bible study is not from God’s Word anymore, but from someone’s latest book or DVD; the Word of God is compromised for political correctness and God’s people will perish for lack of knowledge. They don’t know God’s Word; they have no fear of God; they have not been truly born again by the Holy Spirit. It truly grieves God. The Bible is True- we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, US, you and me, and whoever is numbered among those who will endure to the end. Well, I’ll quit now. God bless you!

    • Amen! It deeply saddens my heart too!

      You’ve got straight to the problem here and i totally agree. We are so focussed on being “Seeker Friendly” that the Gospel cannot be mentioned for fear of upsetting them! They don’t need a Saviour or to be saved from anything or anyone as they are not storing up Sins for the day of Wrath, they just need to act nice! They are in no danger at all as God is Love…..Not Holy, Righteous, Perfect and Just, He only has 1 attribute. 😦

      I think i better stop now! 🤣

      Thank you so much for your wise comment! God bless you.

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