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The panacea for all the ills of life!

Grace logoThe panacea for all the ills of life!

(James Smith, “The Spirit’s Work in the Believer” 1861)

“The mind of sinful man is death, butĀ the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

Spirituality flows from the gracious operations of the Holy Spirit in the soul, who . . .
Ā  kindles spiritualĀ love,Ā 
Ā  awakens spiritualĀ desires, andĀ 
Ā  produces spiritualĀ devotion.Ā 

The Spirit’s work in the believerĀ consists:

1. In convincing us ofĀ sin, when we go astray from the right ways of the Lord.

2. In workingĀ repentanceĀ within us, and leading us to confess and mourn over our sins before God.

3. In opening up, and applying theĀ Word of God, so that it . . .
Ā  meets our case,
Ā  feeds our faith,
Ā  fires our love, and
Ā  deepens our humility.

4. In exciting and drawing forth the soul inĀ prayer, praise, and adoration at the throne of God–so that we sometimes . . .
Ā  melt in contrition,
Ā  are crumbled down in humiliation,
Ā  and are almost dissolved in love.

5. In giving us soul-refreshingĀ glimpsesĀ . . .
Ā  of the glorious person of Jesus,
Ā  of the everlasting covenant,
Ā  and of eternal glory.

6. In melting us down in sincereĀ gratitudeĀ before God, under a sense of His undeserved favor.

7. In removing all legal fears, and causingĀ holy peaceĀ to flow through the soul like a river.

8. In melting us inĀ meekness, and producingĀ sweet submissionĀ to the sovereign will of God.

9. In sweetly soothing andĀ consolingĀ under trials and bereavements; and enabling us to look heavenward with hope and joy.

10. In giving us sweet intimations of theĀ loveĀ of God to us, by holy discoveries of His grace.

11. In witnessing to ourĀ adoption, awakening the cry ofĀ “Abba, Father!”Ā in our hearts, and enabling us to claim a filial relationship to God.

12. In drawing forth our souls inĀ love to God–under an overcoming sense of His free and unparalleled love to us.

13. In enabling us toĀ mount upwardĀ as on the wings of an eagle, and toĀ runĀ with pleasure and delight in God’s holy ways.

15. In quickening us toĀ rejoiceĀ in the Lord, when all things around are calculated to fill us with despondency and gloom.

16. In producingĀ perseveranceĀ in our souls, and enabling us to look away from the things which are seen and temporal–and to look to unseen and eternal realities.

The Spirit works within the Christian, teaching him daily toĀ make use of ChristĀ asĀ the panacea for all the ills of life!

In all these things, and many more–the work of the Spirit in the experience of the believer appears.

Reader, doĀ youĀ know anything of these things in your own experience?Ā 
Is the Spirit daily working inĀ yourĀ heart, and do you pay attention to . . .
Ā  theĀ lessonsĀ He teaches,
Ā  theĀ impressionsĀ He makes, and
Ā  theĀ directionĀ in which He points?

O for more of the Spirit’s work within us–that we may live to the praise and glory of Him who loved us, and died to redeem us from sin, death and Hell!

Holy Spirit, work in us more and more–teaching us Your truth, and conforming us to Christ! O for more of Your power, love, and holiness!


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