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✞ Music “Believe” by Forthangel


He’s waiting patiently on a hospital bed
he’s waiting for the doctor to come back in
by then he falls asleep wishing he was
just as strong as everybody else
he just wants to live like everybody else

what if I believed
what if I prayed
if I did what it make all this go away
where did I go wrong
what didn’t I do right
cuz I don’t wanna have to say goodbye
cuz I still believe

The doctor takes a breath and he opens the door
his face said everything they all had feared
then the boy began to cry just like he had a thousand times
he never thought that life could hurt like this
so he prayed with all the faith that he had left


In the pouring rain somewhere far away
there’s someone that hurts just like I do and
In the pouring rain somewhere far away
there’s someone that hurts just like you do
but I still believe I’m still gonna pray

I’m gonna thank the Lord for every day
I’m still holding on I’m still gonna fight
cuz I don’t wanna have to say goodbye
no I don’t wanna have to say goodbye

What Are We Waiting For?

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There are fathers waiting until other obligations are less demanding to become acquainted with their sons.  There are mothers who sincerely intend to be more attentive to their daughters.  There are husbands and wives who are going to be more understanding.  But time does not draw people closer.  When in the world are we going to begin to live as if we understood that this is life?  This is our time, our day…and it is passing.  What are we waiting for?

Richard L. Evans

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