I need to be daily kept!

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I need to be daily kept!

(James Smith’s autobiography, “Marvelous Mercy!” 1862)

The following in an excerpt from the diary of James Smith:

April 16, 1854. 
During the past week I have had one of the most severe asthmatic attacks I ever experienced. How painful to labor and gasp for breath, as I then did. How different the things of time appear under such circumstances! How soon one feels willing to spread the wings and fly away. May I daily live under the impression I then felt. 

How I long . . .
  for closer communion with God, 
  to feel more of the sweet power of piety in my own heart, 
  to walk with God in confidence, 
  to lean upon Him, 
  to cast every care upon Him, 
  to leave everything with Him, 
  to aim always, and in everything to glorify Him, 
  to walk through the world as if one was walking straight home to God–to dwell with and to enjoy Him forever!

Yet I feel that I need to be daily kept–to have the Lord’s eye constantly upon me, and His everlasting arms always beneath me! 

“Hold me up–and I shall be safe!” Psalm 119:117

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14 Responses to “I need to be daily kept!”

  1. Never before have I read what I’ve experienced. How beautiful to read the same thoughts and lessons God has taught me in a similar situation. What encouragement indeed! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love that line about walking through the world as if walking home to God. What a wonderful way to look at life!
    I’ve been reading about John Newton since you posted about him last week. I didn’t know he was involved in the slave trade, before his conversion, and lived in Liverpool for a while. Liverpool and its involvement in the slave trade is a subject I am very much interested in. 🙂
    Smashing post, Steve!

    • Hey Lesley! That line also jumped out for me!

      The life of John Newton is a remarkable one. From a slave trader to writing ‘Amazing Grace’…What a transformation only after he was born again by the love and mercy of God!

      I used to think ‘Amazing Grace’ was such a cheesy song and had no idea what it meant…Until it happened to me, now i can’t stop playing and singing it, lol! 😀 🙏

      Now i want to go and learn more about Liverpool and it’s involvement! 😀

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