There are many human ant-eaters!

There are many human ant-eaters!

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“Their throat is an open sepulcher!
They flatter with their tongue.” Psalm 5:9
“Their throat is an open sepulcher!” That is, a sepulcher full of loathsomeness, of pollution, of pestilence, and death! But, worse than that, it is an open sepulcher, with all its evil gases issuing forth, to spread death and destruction all around. It is just so with the throat of the wicked!

It would be a great mercy if the mouth of the wicked could always be closed. If we could seal it in continual silence–it would be like a closed sepulcher, and would not produce much mischief. But, “their throat is an open sepulcher,” consequently all the wickedness of their heart exhales and comes forth!

How dangerous is an open sepulcher! Men in their journeys might easily stumble therein, and find themselves among the dead! 

Ah! take heed of the wicked man, for there is nothing that he will not say to ruin you. He will long to destroy your character, and bury you in the hideous sepulcher of his own wicked throat! 

“This figure graphically portrays the filthy conversation of the wicked. Nothing can be more abominable than an open sepulcher, when a dead putrefying body steams forth its tainted exhalations. Just so, what proceeds out of the mouth of the wicked, is infected and putrid! And, as the exhalation from a sepulcher proves the corruption within–so it is with the corrupt conversation of sinners.” Robert Haldane 

“The speech of unregenerate men is unsavory, rotten, and hurtful to others; for, as a sepulcher sends out detestable savors and filthy smells–so evil men utter rotten and filthy words!” Thomas Wilson

“They flatter with their tongue.” Or, as we might read it, “They have an oily tongue, a smooth tongue.” A smooth tongue is a great evil; many have been bewitched by it. There are many human ant-eaters, who with their long tongues covered with oily words, entice and entrap the unwary and make their gain thereby. 

When the wolf licks the lamb, he is preparing to wet his teeth in its blood!

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3 Responses to “There are many human ant-eaters!”

  1. Steve, you really made your point. I want to have the sweet fragrance of Jesus in my life, not the decaying flesh of a tomb that is open. Blessings!

  2. Wow. Quite a gruesome picture of defilement and disgust. But you make a point, my friend. How often do we draw too close to the noxious and hurtful words of those who are only being used to destroy us? Great picture; incredible warning. Thanks, Steve.

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